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    Golf Rangefinders FAQ

    What is a principal advantage of a golf range finder?

    Golf RangefindersThey allow the golfer to know the precise distances to the hole from where they are on the golf course.

    What are some other advantages of golf rangefinders?

    Golf rangefinders also enable you to find the actual distance to hazards or trees on the course.

    How does knowing the distance to the hole or hazards using a golf Rangefinder translate into better golf?

    Using information from the golf rangefinder, you can make better decisions about what clubs to use, knowing the exact distances of how far the ball has to go and what to look out for.

    How precise is the information from a golf rangefinder?

    Golf rangefinders offer a high level of accuracy. They can measure the distance down to a few yards or less.

    What is the cost range of golf rangefinders?

    Golf rangefinders start in the low hundreds and go up to approximately $600 or 700 dollars. The approximate median price is about $300 to 400 dollars for the average rangefinder.

    What is an example of a simple base model golf rangefinder?

    The Precision Pro Golf- NX2 Rangefinder is a simple model priced under $200. The Precision Pro Golf- NX2 Rangefinder offers surprisingly robust features at a low price point. The device is also compact and easy to carry.

    What are some advanced features present on a more expensive rangefinder?

    The Voice Caddie Golf- SL2 Active Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder is an example of a more expensive and feature-intensive golf rangefinder. In addition to the base functionality of less expensive models, it offers additional features. This includes things like a color touch screen, two-color OLED for low light situations, and a continuous scan mode, to name a few.

    Are golf rangefinders easy to use?

    Many golf rangefinders are very simple to use, requiring a simple process of aiming the device in the given direction and getting a distance reading.

    What is the basic science behind a rangefinder?

    A golf rangefinder uses a laser to calculate the distance on the green.