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    The new technologies found on today's golf courses are getting more impressive every day. Even new golf balls are marvels of physics and engineering. The major golf manufacturers alter the layers, coverings, and simple patterns to improve distance, spin, and control. Taylormade Golf Balls, Callaway Golf Balls, and the infinitely popular Titleist Golf Ball Pro V1 are reshaping the game for golfers of all levels.

    The features of these technically engineered high-performance golf balls can add a new dimension to any golf game. Features like the ionomer casing layer in the Titleist Tour Speed Golf Ball can enhance ball speed and minimize long game spin. The Spalding Pure Speed Golf Ball is also designed to boost ball speed. It does this with a titanium core. This type of core magnifies the energy of the swing to drive more power through the ball.

    Another example of technology used in new golf balls is the Callaway Chrome Soft Triple Track Golf Balls which uses three Triple Track lines for advanced golf ball alignment to improve putting accuracy. Ball makers use even dimple patterns to deliver a more remarkable performance. The Bridgestone Tour XS Golf Ball uses dual dimple technology to increase the flight and distance of the ball.

    New Golf Balls FAQ

    Are dimples on a golf ball just for decoration?

    New Golf BallsNo, golf ball dimple patterns can affect the ball’s flight path and are taken into consideration by the golf ball manufacturer’s during development.

    Can you use the same golf ball over and over?

    No, all golf balls are subject to wear and tear on the course during gameplay. And this can impact your performance and degrade the ball's performance over time.

    Aren't all golf balls essentially the same?

    No, golf balls vary with different layers and materials that can affect the way they perform on the course. An example is the Titleist Pro V1 Golf Ball with multiple layers that provide distance with control.

    What is a golf ball suited for beginners?

    The Srixon Soft Feel Golf Balls are moderately priced and have a soft feel more suited for beginners due to their forgiveness.

    Why do golf balls have layers?

    Layers allow golf ball manufacturers to alter the performance characteristics of the ball. This can give the golfer different advantages on the course.

    Customer Reviews

    By JC
    South Carolina
    April 29th, 2022
    Snake Eyes Soft Golf Balls VS. Others
    I'm impressed with the quality and performance of the "Snake Eyes Soft". I've been playing Calloway Soft and Srixion for the past many years. I originally purchased 2 dozen. The Snake Eyes seem to travel just as far and straight for 1/2 the price of the higher priced balls. I liked them enough to order another 4 dozen.
    By John
    Northridge, CA
    April 16th, 2022
    High recommended you try it
    I used to only play with Titleist ProVx, thinking that it's the best golf balls in the market amd because the tour pros use play with it. The Bridgestone e6 Golf ball is soft and light when it comes off of the clubface.
    By Cash
    Georgetown, TX
    February 22nd, 2022
    Great Ball
    I've played Titleist's best ball since I started buying my own golf balls. (60 years) I really like the AVX - it seems softer and for me goes a little bit longer than the Pro V1.
    By LIGolfer
    Long Island, NY
    February 8th, 2022
    Great golf ball personalization
    Big fan of golf ball personalization especially for only $.99! If you play a common golf ball, and most of us do, it does limit confusion and wrong ball playing on the course.
    By Pink
    Boston, MA
    December 14th, 2021
    Great golf ball for the money!
    The Saintnine Q Soft golf balls are a very good golf ball. They are as long as any golf ball on the market and full shots hold the green as well as most other brands. Greenside shots will run out just a bit, but you're spending 50 to 75% less than a premium golf ball will cost. I love the "mental mates" printed on each ball, although they might not be for everyone. Bottomline, these golf balls are well worth the money you'll spend on them. I just bought 2 dozen of them at Rockbottom Golf, and they cost me $1 a ball...