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Juniors Golf Clubs

Scratch decided to volunteer as a youth golf coach for one of his local juniors golf clubs. His team met out on the course every Saturday morning, and this coming Saturday was going to be his first. The youth golf team’s ages ranged from 7-10 and Scratch was excited to teach some U.S. kids what he knew about the game.

As the weekend began to draw near, Scratch wondered if all the kids would have the golf equipment that they were going to need. He decided that they may not, so he decided to scrounge around the cave and scoop up whatever extra juniors golf clubs he had lying around to bring with him. He picked up a few Dunlop wedges, a couple hybrids, a couple fairway woods, and even a couple juniors golf club sets that he had lying around. Scratch also thought that he may need to bring a bunch of golf balls for the youth to play around with.

Friday night, Scratch attempted to make his first lesson plan for the U.S. kids. He wanted to get the youth familiar with the fairway and a few of the juniors golf clubs that they may not have had too much time with before. Specifically, he wanted to work with wedges and Dunlop hybrids. He planned on having them all line up according to their ages, handing them each a bucket of balls, and putting a few targets down the fairway for them to shoot at. He planned on watching their swings, as well as seeing how well the clubs fit them.

Juniors Golf Clubs

Saturday morning came around, and nothing could have prepared Scratch for the amount of chaos that these youth were bringing his way. Half of them did have their own golf clubs, but most had no idea which clubs were which. Scratch’s ideas of beginning with Dunlop wedges and hybrids may have to be postponed until the youth could get a better grasp on some of the more basic aspects of the fairway. He also began to think he hadn’t brought enough balls.

Scratch decided to scrap the wedges and hybrids, and focus on drivers and putters for this juniors golf lesson. He did have them line up according to their ages. And he laid down a few balls, and let each of the kids have a whack at it. He was going to need to loosen them up, and give them a chance to have fun before diving into the more intricate parts of the game.

After it was over, Scratch was exhausted, but couldn’t wait until next weekend.

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