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RockBottomGolf.com - Putter Wheel Golf PutterWheel 2-Pack

Putter Wheel Golf PutterWheel 2-Pack

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The PutterWheel system is comprised of a highly engineered PutterWheel and its corresponding alignment template. The PutterWheel i Read More
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About This Item

  • Manufacturer: Putter Wheel Golf
  • Model: Putter Wheel 2-Pack
  • SKU: 17PUTWHEEL21111111111101
  • Condition: NEW, FACTORY SEALED
  • Makeup/Loft: 2 Putter Wheels, 2 line alignment
    template and a soft microfiber carry pouch
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The PutterWheel system is comprised of a highly engineered PutterWheel and its corresponding alignment template. The PutterWheel is not simply a ball with the sides cut off. It is designed to replicate the size, weight and feel of an actual golf ball. The PutterWheel is uniquely engineered to be highly sensitive to mis-hits, resulting in wobbling and curving off the intended line. Multiple engineering, manufacturing and testing cycles were deployed over 2 years to get the perfect combination of outer material hardness, internal weighting and other factors to provide the right amount of feedback. The red beveled edges make getting your eyes directly over the ball fool-proof. The corresponding alignment template is also an important part of the PutterWheel system. Once you have trained yourself to roll the PutterWheel smoothly on line, you can deploy that mental visualization on the course by drawing 2 parallel lines on your game ball with the alignment tool.

How It Works:
  • Line of SIGHT
    The PutterWheel's patent pending wheel design encourages taking dead aim at your target. Even standing above the ball, you will be able to tell if you are on or off line. The narrow width builds confidence and focused aim.

    Getting your eyes over the ball: The PutterWheel not only helps align your body to the ball, but the distance as well. The PutterWheel's red sidewalls tell you if you are too far or too close to the ball.

    With confidence in your line and setup, the stroke becomes simpler. Make a rolling stroke as you would to get a wheel rolling. If your stroke is not square to the direction of the PutterWheel, it immediately tells you by wobbling off the club face.
  • Product Reviews

    Putter Wheel Golf PutterWheel 2-Pack
    3.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
    R. C. Kuhn
    2 Stars

    Putter Wheel 2 PK
    July 2, 2014
    Nice item to test your putting skills, has good alignment marks on them. Greens must be freshly cut for Putter Wheel to work properly, Wheel does not stay upright on shaggy greens. Mainly use them on putting green at home

    Oakland, CA
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Expose your putting sins!
    May 30, 2014
    This simple idea is nearly flawless. If your setup favors your eye right over the ball, this will give you a perfect sightline when the red "stripes" disappear. It also promotes an ascending stroke by even wobbling after the strike on near perfect hits. I've used it to compare and test putters, different strokes (inside/square/inside) and straight thru strokes. After trying my closet arsenal of putters, it confirmed my best roll is with my old original Nicklaus MI 615, (the largest putter allowed BTW). It's a valuable tool that won't set you back very much, can carry in the bag and takes no time to setup like most putting aids.
    Simple, effective, portable and pretty reasonable considering this will outlast your current putter!