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What makes John Daly Golf Equipment so unique?
Leading by design. From the start, John Daly has stood for highly innovative designs and precision manufacturing techniques that make a real difference for the golfer. John Daly knows that steady performance is the hallmark of a great golfer and of great golf clubs. Which is why John Daly carefully inspects, analyzes, and sorts every component of their clubs again and again throughout production. John Daly uses only the highest-quality components, and advanced technology like laser grip-alignment machines - all for one simple reason: To ensure that the John Daly clubs that go into your bag delivers the kind of performance you can count on to enhance your game. Today, John Daly continues to take golf club design and manufacturing to a new level. Enjoy the advances that John Daly has in store for you, and as always, enjoy the game. Check out John Daly Golf

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John Daly Golf Equipment Reviews/Ratings

John Daly Golf Club

The John Daly Tight Lies are a revolutionary set of woods. The John Daly Tight Lies without a doubt have benefited my game tremendously both in distance and accuracy. I play a tremendous amount of golf and I can say with the utmost assurance that if you are an older player, these are the golf clubs you should choose! - Fred in South Florida 4/13/02

John Daly Golf Equipment
I love my John Daly Tight Lies 16* wood. It's the only club that is still in my bag after three years. Gets the ball in the air quickly and has solid feel. It’s as straight as any club but not quite as long as high core woods. I have never considered replacing it. I hit it about 240. It can be hit high or punched low. You can pick these up cheap now. Best investment I have ever made! ¯ Terry in Kansas 12/6/02

John Daly Golf
I have a Tight Lies 3 wood and it’s never leaving my bag. It’s easy to get the ball off the fairway and the flight is straight to the Flag. Best value woods I have ever played…don’t pass these up! ¯ John in North Carolina 3/18/03

John Daly Golf
The John Daly Tight Lies fairway woods are the best fairway woods I have ever put in my hand. It shoots straight, does not slice and is very accurate. For me, these are awesome clubs. ¯ Tim in PA 7/1/03

John Daly Golf
I have a 16* John Daly Tight Lies and absolutely love it. I hit it about 235 yards off the fairway. Very forgiving club and straight as an arrow. It’s everything as advertised and more. The best fairway wood I've ever used. ¯ Mark in Florida 7/16/03

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