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What makes Orlimar Golf Equipment so unique?
In January 1998, Orlimar introduced the TriMetal to the golf industry and challenged the popular belief that bigger Titanium clubs were better. Now, some of the largest manufacturers in golf are following Orlimar’s lead by incorporating multi-metals into their wood designs. As the saying goes, imitation is the highest form of flattery. But Orlimar thought it was only fair to show that only one company is the best in multi-material design. Check out Orlimar Golf

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Orlimar Golf Equipment Reviews/Ratings

Orlimar Hip Ti Driver
I would suggset this club to anyone who wants to hit straighter and longer drives without driving their bank account out the window. - Daryl, Indiana

Orlimar 420CC Driver
The Orlimar 420CC driver has completely changed my approach to the game. I have always had straight drives, but rarely driving farther than 225 yards. Then I got the Orlimar 420CC. Now my drives are rarely below 250 yards. The huge sweet spot also helps me to keep the ball straight, which is letting me really take a good "Rip" at the ball. I love this driver! - Michael R. Indiana 1/13/03

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Below are a few of the Orlimar Golf Clubs and Equipment that you can find at Rock Bottom Golf

Orlimar Golf Trimetal Plus 12° #3 Wood TR STF