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Scratch Gets A New Look With Nike Golf Apparel

Recently, out on the course, Scratch has been the butt of a few Jokes for his caveman tunic and sheep skin boots. The other golfers said that he dressed like he was from the stone-age. Of course, Scratch didn’t think this was funny, because that was in fact the time period he was from. Eventually, however, Scratch decided that he needed to change his clothing style.

Scratch took a trip to the clothing outlets in North Conway. There were multiple outlet stores including Adidas, Callaway, FootJoy and the one that caught Scratch’s eye today was the Nike outlet store, which devoted the weekend to a Nike golf apparel sale. Excited, Scratch rushed inside where he saw a plethora of clothing from polo shirts, outerwear, pants, shorts, to golf shoes, all at an incredible discount.

First order of business, Scratch needed to get himself some new shirts. He wasn’t sure if he wanted to get polos, button ups or tees. Or if he wanted his shirts to be short sleeve or long sleeve. There were too many choices at this Nike golf apparel discount sale. After he had looked around for a while, he found a Nike Dri-Fit Polo and a pique polo that he became fairly fond of. He still wanted some other shirts, but decided to go look at pants for a bit.

Nike Golf Polo

Since Scratch was a year round golfer, he decided to stock up on both pants and shorts. And even found a pair of rain paints that suited his taste. But if he was going to prepare for the entire year, he would need some outerwear to wear over his shirts. He found a black Storm-Fit Elite jacket in the outerwear section that matched his rain pants.

Shoes were next on the list. There were tons of golf shoes around, but Scratch found a pair of Heritage shoes that he particularly liked as well a pair of Air Zoom shoes that felt incredibly comfortable, and at the discount price he couldn’t pass up.

After looking at the clothing pile he collected. Scratch decided that he needed to leave the Nike apparel store before he spent too much money. The discount helped, but Scratch could have spent his entire paycheck at the store. He went through the checkout and hurried home, excited to show of his new style to his golfing buddies at next Sunday's game.

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