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Scratch Tries To Get The Necessary Golf Drivers Online

Its that time of the year again, The Quarry’s Long Drive Championships are coming up in just about a month. As part of his yearly ritual, Scratch gets up, puts on his clothing, and decides to test his equipment, specifically his golf drivers. He wants to see if he still has the speed and follow through to win the Long Drive Championships. He swings the good old one wood, but it comes in contact with his equipment rack. The golf driver breaks in half. Scratch is heart broken. He doesn’t think he will ever find another piece of golf equipment that will compare to his favorite big dog.

Scratch jumps into his car to head down to the nearest golf equipment outlet. He tries not to speed, but it’s difficult to concentrate on the road. He arrives at the store, but the product he is looking must have been on discount and is all sold out, probably purchased by other cavemen looking to win the long drive championships. What is he going to do? The clerk hands him a piece of paper with a website on it, and explains that he can go online and check out golf drivers and other equipment and accessories, even clothing. He continues to explain that often times online you can find things at a really good discount, while reading reviews, and looking at other prices to compare. Scratch was worried about the speed at which the product would arrive, but the clerk assured him that it would arrive before the long drive championships, especially with the excellent shipping options he could choose from.

Golf Driver

Scratch makes it home and signs online. He is even impressed with the speed his internet is giving him. He looks at the website in his hand. Types it in, and products quickly begin popping up on the screen. Cobra, Adams, Callaway; golf clubs, putters, balls… all the equipment he could ask for. Excitement begins to build and his heart beat begins to speed up. He stumbles upon a big bertha driver. Is this the product he wants? He begins to read the reviews and see what else compares. This might be it. This might be the perfect golf driver to help him win the long drive championships. Scratch quickly adds the item to his cart, searches for clothing, finds a new nike polo and Oakley golf shorts, and then proceeds to check out.

The Big Bertha golf driver arrived in just a few days, quicker than he could have imagined. Once again he put on his golf clothing and decided to test the club. This time making sure no equipment was around that could cause a collision. His new clothing feels weightless, the driver feels perfect. He swings, 270 yards. Will this be good enough to win next week? Scratch thinks so, but thinks he may have to go back online for some more clothing.

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