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Discount Slazenger Golf Gear

What Makes Slazenger Golf Equipment So Unique?

When you use Slazenger golf equipment you know itís a brand you can trust. Slazenger strives to design golf gear with performance, style, price, and most importantly you in mind. Slazenger golf gear is made with the highest quality materials so that you get long lasting performance results. Check out Slazenger Golf!

The Slazenger Money Golf Balls (shown below, left) feature a new dimple design for maximum playability. This ball has a soft core with low compression, making it easier for you to hit. The Slazenger Easy Money Golf Balls (shown below, center) features a 360 dimple design with a soft core. The Slazenger Panther Extreme Golf Balls (shown below, right) features a dupont surlyn/titanium cover that is sure to enhance your performance on the course. The titanium cover gives you more energy transfer at the impact of the ball resulting in more distance.

Rock Bottom Golf is honored to provide its customers with Slazenger Golf equipment at deep discount prices. To see a complete list of our discount Slazenger Golf equipment, please click here. Please note: Our Slazenger Golf inventory changes on a daily basis. In many cases, the Slazenger Golf item that you see is the LAST ONE available. Once these Slazenger Golf deals are gone you will never see them again at these discount prices. Make sure you check in with us often, so you do not miss out on the BEST DEALS for golf equipment!


Below are a few of the Slazenger Golf Equipment that you can find at Rock Bottom Golf

Slazenger Golf - Money Golf Balls

Slazenger Golf - Easy Money Golf Balls Slazenger Golf - Panther Extreme Golf Balls


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Slazenger Golf Equipment Reviews/Ratings

Slazenger Money Golf Balls 5 Star Rating!
I have played with a couple of different types of Slazenger balls and the Money golf ball is my favorite. This ball is awesome! I hit this ball far and straight. Also, this ball is relatively inexpensive. - Frank from Ohio 5/22/05 - Get Slazenger Money Golf Balls 

Slazenger Raw Distance Fusion Golf Balls5 Star Rating!
I received these golf ball when I was playing at a golf tournament. I have played other Slazenger balls and I thought they were good. This was until I played with the Raw Distance Fusion golf balls - they are awesome! I got great distance with these balls and played very well at the tournament. Randal in New Hampshire 5/23/05 - Get Slazenger Raw Distance Fusion Golf Balls

Slazenger Black Label Golf Balls 5 Star Rating!
The Slazenger Black golf balls play like proV1 and Slazenger Raw Distance. Although they do have a softer feel and higher trajectory. These golf balls are great for the price and offer the same quality as other name brand balls. Peter from Georgia 11/18/03 - Get Slazenger Black Label Golf Balls

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