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About This Item

  • Manufacturer: Belly Putt
  • Model: The Belly Putt Kit
  • SKU: 19BELLYPUTT1111111111101
  • Condition: NEW, FACTORY SEALED
  • Makeup/Loft: Belly Putt, Cutting Tool,
    Allen Wrench, & Replacement Plug
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Here's a little information for you to get more familiar with the Belly Putt:
  • The Belly Putt was designed for ease of installation, use, and adjustment.
  • This design allows use of your personal putter as a belly putter, for practice, play or experimentation.
  • Practice, adjust, play and continue to adjust until you have found the perfect feel for you.
  • Product Reviews

    The Belly Putt
    4 Stars based on 11 Review(s)
    San Jose, CA
    2 Stars

    Save yourself the 35 bucks...
    November 26, 2012
    This is a good tool to see if you can adjust to the belly putter style but not for the money. Save yourself the 35 bucks and just go to your local golf store and try those out for free. The attachment worked great for about 2 weeks and then broke at the bottom and would not tighten anymore. Definitely not for everyday play to put in your bag...
    adjustable lengths
    not sturdy for long time use

    United States
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    simple to install, great way to try belly putting at low cost
    February 29, 2012
    headline says it all, a great way to try belly putting for $35 before shelling out almost $200 on a new belly putter.

    2 Stars

    Good idea just doesn't work
    February 28, 2012
    This would be a great product but the design doesn't allow you to tighten the extension as tight as you would like. Mine was loose and if you kept turning the set screw nothing happened. Ended up returning it.
    Good idea
    Bad design

    Minneapolis, MN
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Belly Putt Extension
    February 21, 2012
    Works exactly as advertised. The adjustability is a definite plus over shafts that have permanently cut lengths.
    Absolutely nothing!

    United States
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    The Belly Putt
    February 6, 2012
    The best ideas are simple, this is simple to use, very functional. I had a mallet putter that was perfect to try as a belly putter, The ability to try virtually any length just buy turning an allen wrench, then sliding the shaft in or out. was fun to experiment with, and now it's in my bag.

    Steve Nixon
    St. Peters, Missouri
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    This product is simple to install and very simple to use.
    February 3, 2012
    Putting in my front room, on carpet, i noticed that you got your speed down in three-four putts. I installed it in the grip of an old Backdraft Putter I had and revitalized my putter. I plan on using it on the course by 2/18 as I'm recuperating from Leg surgery.

    Washington, DC
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Lovin' my Belly!
    January 22, 2012
    Wanted to try belly putting without paying for a belly putter that I knew I could not get fitted for. This solved all my problems. Belly putting feels like cheating, but it's legal. Fit and finish look good, plus you can use whatever putter you want. Generally, I would recommend a heavier head putter to offset the additional weight from the "Belly Putt" addition.
    Adjustability Price

    Pat Allen
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    December 15, 2011
    works great. Had no problem putting it together what was great is I could fit my self and then make it permanent I highly recommend

    Canyon Lake, Texas
    4 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Works as Advertised
    May 23, 2011
    The instructions were clear and simple to follow. Best of all, the instructions were accurate and the product worked as advertised.
    The lengthener is adjustable to fit most any golfer's height.
    Does not work on "Heavy" putters because the shaft is filled with metal. Nowhere to insert the grip. Had to use on one of my spare putters.

    Kevin Powell
    Orlando, FL
    3 Stars

    It would work but it was broken
    April 14, 2011
    The Belly putt extender would have been great but the set screw was broken or not attached properly so it would not lock into place.
    It would let you try a belly putter for much less than buying one.
    The set screw did not tighten correctly or was broken

    Yokohama City, Yokohama
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Great add on, turn putter into Belly Putter
    December 20, 2010
    Great gadget for quickly turning your favourite putter into a belly putter, useful for playing after a hangover, so you can lean on your putter.
    Good quick fitting, useful gadget when your putting goes off boil, without actually changing putters per sec.
    Not a lot