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Thelma Comes To Scratch While Looking For Ladies Golf Wedges

Ladies Golf Wedges
Thelma, one of Scratch’s good lady friends, is fairly new to the golf game, and has been collecting new clubs as she advances her ability. Next up on her list is some ladies golf wedges. She isnt really sure what kind to get or what loft angles. She does plan on saving up for a set with a custom design, but for the time being she is really looking at cost. It didn’t take her long before she sought Scratch out for advice. With his website, she knew that he had experience in finding golf wedges as well as numerous other ladies clubs all at a really good cost.

Oddly enough for caveman, the first call came in at 4am. He rubbed his eyes for a moment before waking up to understand what she was asking of him. He wasn’t sure why Thelma had decided to call him at such an odd hour, but he was always up for helping a friend in need. Climbing out of his custom made race car bed with fake chrome design rims, he scuttled down from his loft to the rest of his cave to see what he could come up with.

He found some great Nickent Ladies Golf Wedges in a set. He continued to search until found some Callaway chrome wedges, also in a set. The Callaways cost a bit more, but both were great sets of ladies golf wedges that covered a variety of loft angles. He called her back and described the the Nickent and Callaway sets to her.

It didn’t take long for her to get confused unfortunately, but rather than go to bed and discuss it in the morning, Thelma decided to drive over to Scratch’s place and view the Nickent and Callaway wedge sets herself.
Scratch knew that this was ridiculous, because he was aware of her plan to save up for her custom set with the pink design, and that price and cost was going to be the deciding factor, but he let her come anyway. Scratch was right. She went with the less expensive golf wedges, but she did pay for them on the spot, and drove away happy.
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