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UnSwing Golf- Training Aid System MRH

About This Item

  • Manufacturer: UnSwing Golf
  • Model: Training Aid System
  • SKU: 17UNSWINGMRH111111111101
  • Condition: NEW, FACTORY SEALED
  • Makeup/Loft: Training Club, Drills DVD, Toursticks
  • Dexterity: Right Handed

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The way the training club and swing method teaches feel is by using a counter-intuitive approach (SWINGING THE OPPOSITE WAY), that challenges and shatters the pre-existing mental patterns of a poor golf swing, and releases the natural flow of a proper or good (on plane, on balance, maximum rotation) golf swing. A right-handed golfer uses a short (in length), weighted, left-handed (molded grip with split hands) UnSwing Training Club™. The concept of practice swinging the opposite way not only is revolutionary, but this may be the only training aid where you never hit a golf ball, and you can practice indoors – it’s radical.

Revolutionary New Off-handed Club (lefty clubface for righty golfer)
  • Creates new sense of balance on both sides of the swing – wider swing arc produces optimum accuracy and distance
  • Forces new awareness/connection with the mind and body that promotes concentration, calmness, and better tempo – golfer is now comfortable with the uncomfortable
    Molded, Split Hand Grip
  • Creates proper spine angle/tilt at address and through impact/finish
  • Enhances feel of proper hand positions throughout the swing
  • Improves feel of proper release of the clubface after impact
    Built-in Level
  • Creates a sense of stress free, perfect take-away. You learn how to consistently repeat a take-away that produces an on-plane shaft and perfect hand/club-head position
  • Enhances feel of holding off release for maximum power at impact (Lag Drill)
  • Maximizes feel and power of club-head release after impact. (Release Drill)
    Short (in length) Heavy Club
  • Promotes perfect address position (posture, grip, setup)
  • Club can be used anywhere/anytime for practice or warm-up
  • Dramatically improves balance, core strength, and re-energizes all muscles used in the golf swing
    The UnSwing Method
  • Forces new “swing awareness” in the mind and body
  • Dramatic improvement in balance, core strength, and golf flexibility
  • Creates widest arc possible maximizing your distance and accuracy
  • Reinforces fundamentals
  • Improves your on-course confidence, calmness, and concentration

    UnSwing Golf System Includes:
  • UnSwing Training Club™
  • UnSwing ™ Drills DVD
  • UnSwing™ Method – Unwind and relearn fundamentals. Create new swing awareness. Learn tempo under pressure
  • Toursticks™ #1 Alignment Aid used by PGA Tour Pros
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    UnSwing Golf- Training Aid System MRH