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Vharness Golf- Vharness Tour Model

About This Item

  • Manufacturer: Vharness Golf
  • Model: Vharness Tour
  • Condition: NEW, FACTORY SEALED
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Connection is not a method, but the master fundamental of all sports, and with the Vharness you can unlock the secret of using your big muscles in your golf swing. The Vharness Tour Model is our premiere swing training device with our V-cord system which will show you how to feel connection from the setup, all the way to finish. The Vharness tells you exactly when you are becoming disconnected, and shows you where your arms should be relative to your body at every point in your golf swing. The V-cords will strengthen your golf muscles which will help you increase club head speed and driving distance. With the Vharness you will know exactly when you are in or out of position, and you will have a guide to help you ingrain perfect muscle memory that will actually change your swing into a more connected, powerful, and easier to repeat golf swing.

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Vharness Golf- Vharness Tour Model