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About This Item

  • Manufacturer: Wilson Golf
  • Model: Staff Zip
  • SKU: 15WILZIPZIP111WHT1111136
  • Condition: NEW, FACTORY SEALED
  • Color: White
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At the Heart of Performance - Low Compression Technology
With the launch of the revolutionary, 50 compression Wilson Staff Fifty golf ball in 2006, Wilson Golf charted a new course in high performance golf ball technology. Now Wilson engineers have been able to create a ball with zero compression, resulting in a completely new core/cover combination with outstanding results. Inside the ball, a zero compression core is so soft that it registers "zero" on golf's Atti compression testing equipment. The Zip gets its power from a mantle layer made of a resilient DuPont HPF polymer. Outside, an ultra soft ionomer cover delivers the touch and spin expected from a high performance multilayer ball. It's the perfect option for players seeking soft feel, great distance and greenside control. Features:
  • Behind the patent-pending zero compression core is a high-velocity Neodymium catalyzed polybutadiene. The unique rubber blend in the core uses a minimum of curatives to produce an ultra-soft (very low compression) core with good resilience.
  • Patented HPF mantle layer encases the zero compression core with a speed-generating mantle for distance and higher iron spin rates
  • Super-soft ionomer cover grabs the club face for higher spin and amazingly soft feel
  • Unique flat-bottomed, shallow dimples rip through the air to create a more stable, penetrating flight
  • Product Reviews

    Wilson Golf- Staff Zip Golf Balls *3-Dozen*
    4.5 Stars based on 14 Review(s)
    Buena NJ
    4 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Not to shabby
    January 31, 2011
    These were a xmas gift and my father played his best round with them second time out

    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Great Value - Nice Feel and Comparable Distance
    March 4, 2010
    After having read so many great reviews on this ball, decided to give it a try. Great value for money. From the tee, the distance is not shorter than two-piece distance focused balls like noodle or pinnacle (my avg. driver is +270 yds). However, the true value of this balls comes when you are hitting irons - for me, long irons. Great feel and longer distance. Only flaw, if it is a flaw, of this ball is that the line mark is too small to effectively use it when you are putting. I would definitely use this ball again. Don't understand why Wilson is closing this brand.

    Indianapolis, IN
    4 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Good ball
    March 2, 2010
    Tried this ball out recently and was happy with the results. It feels different off the club face when driving, but distance and control was great. Great feel with the irons on approach shots, but found that the shell scuffs easily when using a wedge.
    approach feel, distance
    shell scuffs after a few iron/wedge shots

    Pontiac, MI
    5 Stars
    I would recommend this item to a friend.

    Great Ball!!!
    January 19, 2010
    I just switched to these and it is amazing how much more "pop" you get compared to other balls. I've used ProV's and Nike One's before and decided to try these based on some reviews. I love them for the price and added feel that they have compared to other 3 and even 4 piece balls.
    Need to get a feel for how they react to the putter face but can be overcome.

    5 Stars

    I switched
    August 31, 2009
    5 handicap. Played Titleist all my life until coming across this ball. Great distance and feel. Ball flight is straight and true with a medium trajectory. Plays well in the wind also. This ball will peel it\'s skin a little, but for this price who cares. Get over the so called name brand ball and clubs and play Wilson Staff irons and balls and your game will improve.

    5 Stars

    Good Ball, Cheap
    August 2, 2009
    I love this ball. I ran out a couple of weeks ago and played a couple of different brands. None were as long and the feel is no contest. If you\'re playing it for the first time you\'ll need to get used to the sound of impact. It\'s almost a muted sound. But the ball just goes and, unlike other soft balls, doesn\'t balloon off the tee. It\'s workable but still pretty straight.

    5 Stars

    helped a lot
    July 31, 2009
    Best ball for a senior golfer that I ever played; gave me my iron distance back, they putt wonderfully, and the cover is soft enough to get short iron spin. I was playing Wilson/Staff PX3, and before that Callaway CTU 30 Blue. Thanks Wilson.

    4 Stars

    Better than average ball
    July 10, 2009
    This ball does everything that the the top balls can do. Excellent distance, putts true, soft around the green. The only draw back is that they tend to scuff. Replacement about the 9th hole on every round. Best value that I have come across.

    Golf Chef
    4 Stars

    C-Ya Pro V1
    July 6, 2009
    Very impressed with this ball. Holds its line very well, feels awsome off the putter and all other clubs. Very durable.The reason I gave it a \"4 bone rating\" is that it doesn\'t spin nearly as much as the pro v and has the tendency to ballon off of the driver, but then again, it could be operator error and not the ball. This will definitly be my ball of choice from now on. And I am a Wilson Staff junkie and it is great to see them producing great products.

    Golfing Fool
    5 Stars

    Great find
    June 20, 2009
    I tried these ballls on a whim last season, and now I play nothing but them. Great distance & feel. The price on this site is the best I\'ve found.

    5 Stars

    As good as it gets
    June 11, 2009
    I\'ve played lots of different balls--including the ProV, a lot--and this is the best ball I have ever played. It is long off the tee, but butter with the short irons and putter. Unsurpassed feel and spins nicely, bites hard--everything you pay 50 bucks a dozen for a ProV to do. I also play the Wilson Ci6i irons and there is no doubt that Wilson is on their game these days.

    5 Stars

    Better than the ProV
    November 28, 2008
    Awesome ball! I\'m a & hcp and this does everything better than the Pro-V. Feels like the old balata balls.

    5 Stars

    Great Ball
    September 10, 2008
    I\'m a 13 handicap. I had been playing a Pro V1 X. No more...not much difference that I can tell between the balls. I\'ll save myself the $25.00 per dozen. Really soft, long and putts true.

    5 Stars

    Great Ball
    June 20, 2008
    Tried this ball a couple of weeks ago and absolutely loved it! Great feel and pretty decent distance as well as a little cheaper than comparable big name brands.