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That's right! As soon as I receive your order I'll stuff, fluff and put your order on a truck in 24 hours or less! How do I do it? Insomnia... I can't sleep so I might as well pack! As a matter of fact, most domestic orders received before 2pm (Eastern) will ship the SAME DAY!

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48 Hour International Shipping!

And of course my international customers get the express treatment too! It does take me a little longer to pack international orders to prepare them for the long journey (Have you seen the paperwork for these things? Sheesh!) but I'm still going to get your package out the door in 48 hours or less! Plus you get a $10 discount on orders of $199 or more!

Please note that while your order may be packed and ready to go, our shipping carriers don't pick up on Saturday or Sunday. And of course there are always exceptions to the rules. Please note that orders can be delayed due to credit card billing mismatches, CVV mismatches (that little 3 digit security code on your card), or other errors so please be sure to carefully input your info for the quickest ship time!

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