PutterBall Golf Game Set

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PutterBall Golf
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PutterBall Golf Game Set
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PutterBall: The Fusion of Golf and Beer pong

Experience a revolutionary new golf game that anyone can play! The PutterBall backyard golf game is the perfect backyard party game for every scenario, and it's perfect for those who have never played golf or claim not to enjoy it. This unique game combines golf and beer pong to create hours of fun that everyone can enjoy. From a low-key day at home to an exciting tailgate with all of your friends, this golf putting game is a must for every event. The full set of PutterBall comes with everything you need to make this golf putting game a success. Once you have the game in your hand, all you need is a few friends, cold beer, and all the makings of a good time!


  • One PutterBall Board – Made of high quality, high-density foam that is extremely durable and lightweight. Walk on it, stand on it, spill beer on it and transport it literally anywhere. Board measures 2.9 ft x 2 ft when folded, and 11 ft x 2 ft when unfolded.
  • Two Putters – Two standard length (31 inches) metal mini-golf putters, each with standard size rubber grip and blade style clubhead. Putters are center-shafted and can be used by right-handed or left-handed players.
  • Two Golf Balls – Two customized, regulation size golf balls with PutterBall logo.
  • Twelve Hole Covers – Just like in a classic game of beer pong, once you sink a putt, that hole is removed from play by using our specially designed covers. Covers create a seamless surface for the ball to roll over and are a unique feature to PutterBall compared to other backyard golf games.

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