Caddie View Golfie Stick & Remote Control

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Caddie View Golf
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Golfie Stick & Remote Control
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The CADDIE VIEW is a super-simple golf training aid you put in the ground behind you when you’re on the range. It will help you shoot lower scores and have more fun on the golf course by helping you video and see your swing quickly and easily.

The CADDIE VIEW comes with a stand that sticks into the ground and holds your phone. Clip your phone in place and set it up behind you to easily take videos of your swing. The stand also comes with the CADDIE VIEW app and a ball-maker sized button. Download the app and keep the button in your pocket. You can start and stop your phone's video via the button, saving you from walking back and forth to start each new swing video.


  • Caddie View APP included with your purchase! The single most easy, affordable, and powerful tool to improve your game! Draw lines, circles, rectangles, angles and all other tools so you can analyze your swing and put it in detail and then compare it with pro videos and much more!
  • Ergonomically designed BT remote control. Made by golf players for golf players! Take your video and photo shoots to the next level almost hands-free. Use it like you would use a golf ball marker! On your headwear, belt or even pants pocket.
  • Removable stick. The all-steel stoke ensures that your shots are always captured by the golfie stick. It is easily removable too for hard surfaces! Just unscrew it and store in your bag.
  • Phone Mount. The phone mount will securely super hold any size smartphone!
  • Patented Gear System. The patented gear system will ensure the angle is right all the time without a hassle. No more losing time adjusting positions, just tilt it to the desired inclination and that’s it!
  • Extendable pole. Made in ultra-light and durable aluminum the Caddie View pole will extend up to 36” for perfect swing shots, or go all the way down to your putting videos. Never miss a shot again with smaller selfie sticks.
  • Full tripod. 3 Legs and a patented removable stick will secure this on every terrain of a golf course. Tallgrass? Short grass? Sand traps? Rocks? CaddieView has your back. The Caddie View can be deployed in even the most extreme surfaces and inclinations. Its sturdy built can withstand high winds and not move an inch!

Caddie View APP Features:

  • Control when you film your swing … with help from the handy-dandy remote control.
  • Show your swing in slow motion.
  • Compare your swing to the swing of a professional golfer.
  • Track your progress and improvement.
  • Native for iOS and Android.
  • Analyze your swing in fast and slow-motion
  • Compare your swing to the swing of a PGA professional side by side.
  • 100 Instructional videos from PGA golfer Diego Bazin, nominated by Jim McLean as one of the best golf instructors in the world).
  • Draw lines, rectangles, angles, and all other tools so you can analyze your swing in detail.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly, and easy to use.
  • Record your videos in the cloud hosting system so you can free space on your phone.
  • Social media-friendly.
  • Product Reviews

    By Rob
    Great little sysmte
    March 3, 2021
    Good idea, what others selfie sticks or swing analysis tools are lacking this one has it, and with a cheap tag.