Rukket Golf- Lightweight Swing Trainer

Rukket Golf- Lightweight Swing Trainer

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Rukket Red Head Golf Strength and Tempo Trainer

The Rukket Red Head golf warm-up and swing tempo trainer is intuitive by design. Rukket combined a counterweighting system with a flexible shaft working together to promote your natural golf swing motion unique to each person. The trainer will improve your swing while providing feedback and a core muscle workout. It encourages a flatter swing plane and requires the lower body to initiate your downswing, meaning you SLICE LESS!

- Durable solid core molded silicone head weighs approximately 1lb

- Train your eyes to focus on the swing plane visualizer as it passes where you would normally hit the golf ball. Improve your ability to see the actual contact between club and ball when on the course.

- Two white lines keep your focus on a clean flat swing. Ben Hogan would be proud!

- Flexible fiberglass shaft teaches lag and eliminates early release

- Built of a solid core molded with silicone rubber, flexible fiberglass sheathed in a thick outer rubber casing and comfortable golf grip

- Strengthen your core golf muscles for better endurance and performance

- Two size options: 48 inches or 40 inches long

- Fits in your golf bag and is legal to carry and use in-round

Use the Rukket Red Head swing trainer before, during, and after each round or at the practice range. Every day use of the golf swing trainer will promote rhythm and balance of your swing. Practice smarter by focusing on your swing dynamics using the visualizer. Train your vision to see the “white flash” of the swing plane visualizer to boost your eyes ability to focus on a fast moving object and improve and see your actual contact with a golf ball. Use the best golf warm-up and swing tempo trainer on the market from Rukket Sports, your leader in golf training products!


  • Two Sizes: 48 in and 40 in
  • PRACTICE FROM HOME: Portable and perfect for practicing anywhere. This swing trainer strengthens and adds flexibility to wrists, arms, and core golf muscles. As you swing, the two proprietary white lines visually indicate your swing plane so you can work on a consistent swing plane.
  • CRUSH IT OFF THE FIRST TEE: Keep in your bag or car for a quick warm-up right when you get to the course. The flexible fiberglass shaft and counterweighted system teach lag and help you to synchronize your arms with your body ensuring you’ll be crushing it off the first tee.
  • LOWER YOUR SCORE: Consistency is a golfer’s best friend. If you can keep your tempo consistent throughout your round, you’re bound to lower your score. Your Rukket Tempo Trainer will provide a low-impact stretch at anytime during your round of golf.
  • PERFECT FOR EVERY SKILL LEVEL: No matter your age or skill level, this product will work incredibly for you. Instant feedback on your swing will help beginners and experts alike.
  • Which one is for you? The 48” length is ideal for someone 5’ 6” or taller, however, stronger or more experienced golfers can use it without difficulty. The 40” length is appropriate for someone under 5’ 6”.
Rukket Golf
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Lightweight Swing Trainer
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Product Reviews
By Ken
Another great Rukket product
October 25, 2019
Got the 40 inch model. Darn heavy head makes you really stretch. This is a good thing for us older players. It carries you to a full finish with just an easy swing. It makes a great warm up tool and puts you in a natural golfing position in spite of your original swing quirks. It looks built to last a lifetime. I am sold on Rukket products now.
Thanks to RBG for another winning product.
ProsQuality seems obvious, I have only had mine for a few weeks and the Rukket warranty seems like the best in the business.
ConsGo outside. This thing is heavy.