Voice Caddie Golf VC300 Golf GPS

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VC300 Golf GPS
Voice Caddie Golf
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New to the Golf Lingo?
Audio Distance Information by Voice, from the ball point to the center/front/back of the green.

  • Automatic course and hole recognition
  • Unique swing tempo function for better swing rhythm (Golf Metronome system)
  • Shot distance measurement
  • Lightest and smallest among GPS Rangefinders
  • Choice of 8 different spoken languages (English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Swedish)
  • 30,000 courses preloaded & 40,000 + courses available worldwide
  • Clipping it onto a visor or belt (Hands free operation)
  • Volume control
  • Rechargeable battery provides 8 hours of continuous use
  • Sleek, ultra-light golf GPS: 1 oz, ultra-small: 1.8"x 1.5"
  • No downloading fees, no annual fees
  • No hidden cost
  • Package includes: USB cable, Quick manual, ball marker /Power adapter

    *Cannot Ship Internationally
  • Product Reviews

    4.5 Stars based on 35 reviews
    By Jim
    Spokane, WA
    Easy helpful and fun
    August 27, 2016
    Readily gives valuable info which immediately translates to enhancing both your score and fun in playing golf. Especially when playing multiple courses you reduce guess work with ease and quickness so you'll be glad voice caddy is on your team. Indian Canyon GC in Spokane is so varied terrain that voice caddy proved nearly invaluable.
    To have uncomplicated pertinent info at your fingertips adds pleasure to every round. Impresses your foursome.
    By Rod H.
    Anderson, Indiana
    My first disappointment in a Rock Bottom Golf order.
    August 8, 2016
    I noticed upon receiving my new Voice Caddie that the ball marker was not included, then after charging I went to a local golf course to test it. It recognized the course okay, but when pressed for my first yardage, all I received was "changing holes" and consistently for the next 3 courses played. I tried everything and with no results I decided to download their websight and update the unit. my Norton Security on the computer said NO, websight is NOT safe!!! Decided to return the unit, but I was past the 10 day limitation. I haven't trashed it yet but will some day. I don't blame Rock Bottom Golf for they have never disappointed me. I blame the Voice Caddie people who provided it. its sad. A good friend has an original voice caddy. It works great and I was really excited about this VC300.

    none as described.
    By john
    chicago, il
    Simple to use
    July 29, 2016
    Easy to use. Gives what you really need, front center and back.
    easy to use.
    By Tom
    Somerville, Massachusetts
    May 28, 2016
    Purchased this gps on rock bottom after seeing a couple of friends using it when in Florida. This is the best gps that I have had. Easy to use, click of the button and it tells you the yardage. It clips securely on your hat so no worries on losing it or forgetting to take it off the golf cart. Can't miss with this one......
    By Bill
    Jersey shore
    Love it!
    May 27, 2016
    I play alot of different courses and some of them do not have all yardage markers - VC is a tremendous help. No more walking around fairways looking for sprinkler head yardage markers. Shot Distance feature has helped me know just how far I can REALLY hit each club. VC has helped others in my group - if they ask what I think distance is. VC has been worth every penny spent - I clip it onto my hat brim and it is never a bother. If I forget to charge it at home, it charges in the car on way to the course.
    Every feature described in the product info works and works well. No problem picking up new golf courses. Sometimes if you hit into the next fairway, like me, VC gets confused, but very easy to reset to get back onto the right hole.
    By Betty
    I love it
    March 12, 2016
    It is so easy to use. I get 2 18 holes of golf on 1 charge. It comes in a box. You push the start button and you are to go. Great buy.
    You clip on you cap and just tap it for the yardage. None
    By Ted
    Grand Rapids , Michigan
    Cool voice caddy
    February 24, 2016
    This is a great voice caddy. Keeps it simple.
    By John
    Chicago, Illinois
    Great Voice Caddy!!
    February 18, 2016
    It is very helpful!!
    By Gairathome
    Redding, CA.
    It is small....But...very smart!
    February 5, 2016
    This GPS is quite nice, very easy to use and it really holds a charge! For some reason it will not transition from the 17th to the 18th...push a button...done.
    How powerful is it? While driving home I still had it on hat as I passed a different course...The little voice said..."Golf course acquired"...That was impressive...
    Size, voice and very accurate. Because it is very small, the buttons are a bit difficult to operate...Still, loving this thing...a lot!
    By Bob
    New York
    Great Gift Idea
    October 1, 2015
    Just bought it for a birthday gift for a friend. Looks like a winner, however he hasn't used it yet. Probably buy one for myself, unless someone is kind enough to get me one?
    Looks like a winner