Golf Apparel Buyer's Guide

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Table Of Contents: Golf Apparel Buyer's Guide

How To Pick The Best Golf Apparel?

Top golf apparel blends style, comfort, and performance, with leading brands like Nike, Adidas, Callaway, Puma, Snake Eyes, Oakley, and FootJoy offering a wide range of clothing suited for golfers. When choosing, consider fabric quality, fit, and functionality to ensure comfort and freedom of movement on the course. Also consider the dress code of your favorite golf course or club, as dress codes can vary.

Golf Apparel Buying Tips

Golf apparel might be the last thing on your mind when preparing to play a round of golf. For most golfers, clubs are their primary concern. And since clubs are the golfer's primary tools, they would be correct. However, some golfers may not see their apparel, like golf shirts, pants, or outerwear, as an integral part of their equipment. But nothing could be further from the truth.

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Clothing that isn't specifically designed for golf can inhibit your performance. Golf apparel allows a wide range of movement during a golf swing. And this makes it easier to swing comfortably. Golf manufacturers develop apparel to meet the conditions and challenges golfers experience while playing. Golf apparel manufacturers also design their clothes to help protect you from the elements and keep you cooler (or warmer) longer.

Wearing apparel crafted for golfers can make a difference in a long match on a blistering hot day. Feeling cooler can help you play longer and have a more enjoyable experience. Inversely, cold weather and rain can make an otherwise pleasant day on the greens downright miserable. Having apparel that keeps you warm and dry can help a golfer perform better.

Golf Shirts

Golf shirts and polos are among the most recognizable pieces of golf apparel. While some may focus on style, your golf shirt or polo must also be functional. Your golf shirt should allow freedom of movement as you draw your club back to swing. The last thing you want is to feel constricted every time you hit a drive off the tee or try to sink a long putt on the green.

You want to select a golf shirt that fits properly. Suitable fitting apparel is crucial because feeling uncomfortable could distract you when you need to focus on your game. A good golf shirt is also made with performance fabrics that keep you more comfortable for longer. These fabrics may include moisture wicking, UV protection, and odor control. Here are some of the most popular golf shirts available today, each with unique benefits from different manufacturers.

Golf Pants

Just like golf shirts, golf pants are popular and can significantly enhance your performance on the course. Barring extreme heat conditions, golf pants are your most likely apparel choice for your lower body. Also, like golf shirts or golf polos, they fuse fashion and function. The function is the most essential aspect of golf pants, as you do not want anything stifling your movement or inhibiting you from playing your best.

Effective golf pants need to allow for freedom of movement, hole after hole. They need to, of course, protect you from the elements. And this includes everything from keeping you cooler to keeping the wind from penetrating through the fibers. Here are some of the most popular golf pants with their unique properties.

Golf Shorts

While golf shorts have a great deal in common with golf pants, there are some critical differences to consider. Golf shorts are designed for the hottest weather conditions you might face. And this means you should consider buying golf shorts made with the best cooling fabrics. You also want to make sure the shorts do not restrict you at the waist or legs. They need to flex so you can twist and turn as you draw back to the swing. Overly tight or restrictive shorts make a poor choice due to this requirement.

Golf Outerwear

While you cannot control the weather, you can be prepared for it. Golf Outerwear is designed to keep you warm and protected from the elements when the weather is less than perfect. Like golf shirts, pants, and shorts, fashion is not enough. You will perform better playing in outerwear that allows freedom of movement. While staying warm is essential, wearing clothes to keep you warm is pointless if you can't swing properly. Here are some golf outerwear garments designed to keep you warm and allow you to play golf without constricting your movement.

Golf Rainwear

With so many club options, why buy a complete set of clubs? There are several reasons why a complete set of clubs is the right choice. For new or beginner players, it can be a necessity. You cannot take the course without a complete set of the essential clubs you will need. It would help if you had the core lineup of a driver, woods, irons, and a putter at the bare minimum. While some sets offer this, you may also want to ensure you have wedges, multiple irons with different lofts, and a hybrid. These can also be part of the basic set. They are all used for the various situations you will likely encounter while playing.

The Main Takeaway?

While golf apparel isn't a requirement, using the proper apparel during a round can potentially mean lower scores. Preserving a full range of motion while swinging clubs can make all the difference. Plus, keeping comfortable on the course can also be a performance booster. Is it too hot, too cold, too windy, too rainy, or anything other than sunny and mild? You're going to want the best golf apparel for the job of keeping you comfortable and performing your best!

Customer Reviews

By Steve
January 3rd, 2024
Very Cool
This Puma EGW Cloudspun PM Crewneck sweater is kind of a cross between wind jacket and sweatshirt. Very soft and comfortable. Cant beat the price! Haven't been out in the rain yet to test the weather resistance. But so far this is a great buy. soft, good price
By Dules
Janesville WI
December 29th, 2023
quality shirt
This Callaway Golf Short Sleeve Tournament Polo is a nice shirt that is a little heavier in material than say Adidas or some other brands. Not bad just a little more substantial than some golf shirts. It is very hard to find a plain white golf shirt these days w/o some crazy pattern but this fit the bill for me. It had the wicking properties that Callaway advertises. I ordered large for 6' 180 lbs body & it fit correctly. Has some stretch to it. I like the Adidas Iso-Pure stretchy shirts a lot but they want a lot of dollars for them & mainly come in weird patterns for a conservative dresser like me. This shirt was a great deal & was exactly what I was looking for.
By Ralph
December 15th, 2023
All around great!
These Snake Eyes Performance Stretch shorts are wonderful with the non slip waist, they stay in place thought-out the game. Great fit
By Benedict
Needham, MA
November 24th, 2023
Nice Top
I have bought a few Columbia pullovers in the past and have liked them. I like the fabric and the style. I chose a large, thinking it would be the correct size since I've put on a little weight, but should have stayed with the medium. Price was very good from RBG as usual.
By Armand
September 30th, 2023
Really good deal
I bought this Snake Eyes Waterproof Rainsuit for much less than the other name brands and it kept me just as dry. Highly recommend it.