Best Golf Bags Buyers Guide

The Golf Bag

When you think of golf equipment, you might picture that new driver you just purchased. You may even think about the pack of multilayer golf balls that give you distance and control on the fairway. You may not always picture your golf bag or golf bag accessories. Transporting, protecting, and utilizing your golf clubs and equipment is essential. When you reach for that wedge, you must make sure you can find it quickly. You also want to ensure your equipment is protected when traveling or not in use. Quality clubs and golf gear are an investment worth protecting. This is why a quality golf bag and related accessories are critical.

Choosing A Golf Bag

Like all golf equipment, the most critical factor relates to you and your needs. While different manufacturers offer unique and valuable features on different styles of bags, there are generalized categories. There are four essential golf bags and additional transport items like push carts and travel covers. Each has its advantages. Likewise, there is no perfect golf bag for everyone. There is only an ideal bag for you. A bag that enhances your playing experience and helps you stay organized.

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Basic Types Of Golf Bags

While there are often crossover features of golf bags, there are some fundamental core types. The four essential types are stand bags, cart bags, carry bags, and staff or tour bags. Due to their utility and value, we also include travel bags and push carts. Here is a breakdown of the primary benefits of each type and how they can help you on your golf outings. Additionally, here are some of the most popular types of bags by basic category from individual manufacturers. Even though the bags featured here fit a specific classification, they are all made with proprietary features from the different golf bag production companies. These feature the proprietary characteristics that different brands offer. This adds variety to your selection and provides unique features that are important to you.

Hot-Z Golf USA Flag Stand Bag Image

Stand Bags

Stand Bags are one of the most versatile golf bags. While competing manufacturers have features that can be very different, some common qualities apply to all of these bags. One universal feature is the retractable stand that is built right into the frame of this robust type of golf bag. This feature allows you to set this bag up virtually anywhere on the course and gives you the versatility of using it with a push cart or on the back of a golf cart, giving you the freedom from carrying a bag on your shoulders. Using stand bags can provide extra space, but it can also often mean carrying extra weight. And this can be a drawback for many golfers.

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Cart Bags

Sometimes, walking 18 holes in the heat is not as appealing as riding in a golf cart. In this case, a golf cart bag will work seamlessly with your selected mode of fairway transportation. Because you no longer have to carry this bag on foot, these bags tend to be bigger than stand bags. More space, of course, means more places to store golf equipment. Inversely, this bag is not designed to be carried for long distances on foot.

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Carry Bags

The carry bag is for you for the golfer who wants to stay on foot. Sleek and lightweight, you can set the carry bag up anywhere on the course. Inversely, even a lighter bag still means additional weight and exertion if you are cartless. Here are some popular carry bags. Even if this is not your main bag, it is the perfect bag if you are heading to the driving range.

Callaway Golf Rogue ST Staff Bag Image

Golf Staff And Tour Bags

Golf staff and tour bags are the largest and most comprehensive bag types. They're what you'll see professional golfers use on tour. They offer the maximum space to ensure you have whatever you need on the course. Because of their large storage capacity, they tend to be heavy and are meant to be used with a cart or carried by a caddy.

Snake Eyes Golf Travel Cover Image

Golf Travel Covers

Transporting your golf clubs around the golf course is one thing. Transporting them longer distances than eighteen holes is something else. Golf travel covers are an excellent way to protect your valuable and cherished golf clubs.

Ray Cook Golf RCX One Click Push Cart Image

Golf Push Carts

A golf push cart is another great accompaniment for your golf bag. A great way to get exercise without pressure on your joints or shoulders, you can move your cart around quickly and easily. Push carts fold up easily and go in your car when you finish.

A Note On Golf Bag Dividers

When considering what type of bag to use, keep in mind the types of dividers you prefer. There are a few general divider types, including 4-way, 5-way, 6-way, or 14-way dividers. Since you can use up to 14 clubs during regulation play, how would you like to organize those clubs?

A Few Golf Bag Divider Setups!

Three examples of golf bag dividers image - Image

The Main Takeaway?

When purchasing golf equipment, your preferences and requirements are the most important things to consider. You may walk the course or ride in a golf cart. And what are your storage requirements while playing 18 holes? There are a variety of bag designs, and they each have their merits. In the same way, there is no "best" golf bag. Your golf bag should be perfect for you and keep you organized while enhancing your experience on the course.

The Best Golf Bags And Push Carts For 2024

Check out the top golf bags and push carts of 2024 listed below. Modern golf bags use the latest manufacturing processes to produce the most technologically sophisticated golf bags on the market today.

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Customer Reviews

May 28th, 2023
Great Sunday Bag
Bought this Sunday Golf Loma Bag for our use on short courses. It holds quite a bit and is very functional. Turned out to be as great purchase. Even has a small cooler pocket for an extra drink. Love it. Plenty of pockets, Cooler pouch, Pocket to hold phone, wallet etc, Light weight. Comfortable shoulder strap
Malabar, Florida
May 27th, 2023
Datrek Superlite Super Quality and Super Bargain at RBG!!!
I absolutely love this golf bag. Perfect combination of light weight but very sturdy and rugged. Easy to carry but no problem using on a motorized cart. This Datrek Superlite is worth double the price Rock Bottom Golf is selling these for. Not a better bargain in stand/carry bags on the market. Thank you Datrek and RBG. You knocked this one out of the park! Outstanding quality and durability. Excellent club organization with 8 way organizer. Unbelievable bargain price
By Don W.
Pittsburgh, Pa
May 27th, 2023
Snake eyes Se500 cart bag
This bag is fantastic lightweight to carry even for a senior like me .Nice long sleeves for jumbo grips, plenty of storage space and a nice pocket for easy access for the umbrella.Would highly recommend the bag.
May 24th, 2023
Sun Mountain has always made great bags, this one is no exception. It's lighter than the C-130 with all the same amenities.
By Ryan W.
West Monroe, LA
May 19th, 2023
Awesome Bag
Got my Hot-Z Golf 3.0 Stand Bag today and exceeded my expectations. Like many others, spent way too much time and energy researching and should have bought this one without hesitation. Checks every box imaginable and costs a third of the price compared to so many others. Such and awesome value. Looks amazing, super light weight and has tons of storage. Thanks again RBG for saving me a ton of money while still providing an amazing product!