Golf Driver Buyer's Guide

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Table Of Contents: Golf Driver Buyer's Guide

The Driver

Your principal tools for success on the golf course are your clubs. And today's modern golf drivers are the product of endless engineering and innovation. This golf driver buyer’s guide outlines the basics you should know about golf drivers.

Drivers are one of the essential clubs in your golf bag. And they command a lot of attention for an excellent reason. You'll want the most distance off the tee box to give yourself the best chance to make par or better, and on most holes, this means you'll be hitting a driver. In order to get the most distance and accuracy out of each drive, you'll want to make sure you choose a driver that fits you the best.

Driver Shafts

The shaft encompasses several choices for every golfer. You want to ensure the shaft length is appropriate for your height, allowing for a comfortable, fluid swing. Material is also a factor. Almost all driver shafts are now made of composite materials such as graphite/carbon fiber to reduce weight, allowing for a faster swing. These materials provide strength without the weight of steel shafts. Less shaft weight means you can generate more swing speed allowing for a longer drive.

Arguably the most significant consideration for driver shafts is shaft flex. Examples of shaft flex designations are "Extra Stiff," "Stiff," "Regular," "Senior," and "Ladies" flex. And from the flex name, it is fairly easy to understand what type of flex (or stiffness) you can expect in a particular shaft. What's not so easy to know is what flex to use. The general rule is that the higher the club speed and distance of the average drive off the tee, the stiffer the shaft a golfer should use. And the opposite applies to lower club speeds and shorter average drives. Those golfers should use a more flexible, less stiff shaft. The most common shaft flex is "Regular Flex."

Common Driver Shaft Flex Guide

Carry Distance
Swing Speed
Under 200 yards
200 to 240 yards
240 to 275 yards
Over 275 yards
Under 75 mph
75 to 94 mph
95 to 110 mph
Over 110 mph
Ladies or Senior
Stiff or Extra Stiff

Driver Club Heads

Driver Loft

The loft is another vital choice you should carefully choose when selecting a driver. The loft is the angle of the clubface to the ground. Naturally, more loft will cause the ball to launch higher into the air. A less experienced player often has trouble getting enough air under the ball and should opt for greater loft, as this can translate into more distance. Many drivers now come with an adjustable hosel which allows you to adjust the club's loft and may even help with slicing, allowing for a draw bias.

Generally, as your club head speed increases, the loft you need decreases.

Common loft/flex combinations on drivers are listed below.

  • Slower Swing Speeds – 11*, 11.5* or 12* loft with a senior, lite or ladies flex shaft.
  • Medium Swing Speeds – 10* or 10.5* loft with a regular flex shaft.
  • Faster Swing Speeds – 9* or 9.5* loft with stiff or extra stiff flex shaft.

Driver Club Head Size And Shape

Most drivers now have a 460cc club head size, the maximum allowed under the normal rules of golf. However, clubs may be shaped differently to favor forgiveness over swing speed. Generally, beginners will want a larger, more forgiving face on their driver, which will sacrifice a bit of distance for maximum forgiveness on mis-hits. More experienced players may favor a smaller club face with a more aerodynamic head design for faster swing speeds and maximum distance.

TaylorMade Golf Stealth Driver Twist Face versus regular driver face Image

Something else to consider is that club head technology has improved drastically over the last few years. And these improvements have substantially decreased the dispersion of mis-hits, especially on woods and drivers. In other words, the driver head sweet spot has gotten larger, increasing forgiveness, potentially making shots straighter and longer. An excellent example of this technological improvement can be seen in the TaylorMade Stealth Twist Face (see image).

Certified Pre-Owned Drivers

Every Golf Driver is different, and you should be able to take advantage of the brand and model that best meets your requirements. The golf club that performs well for the pros on tour may not be the same club that works best for all golfers. You should be able to try different clubs to find the best one for your individual playing style. That is also why buying Pre-Owned Clubs is such an excellent and practical solution.

You do not have to purchase new to get a name-brand quality driver. Our certified pre-owned drivers offer top-name brands at a lower price point. They are also backed with our Certified Pre-Owned Guarantee. Each used club we receive is meticulously inspected and rated appropriately.

Click on the pre-owned categories below to find out more!

Like New Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image
Excellent Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image
Very Good Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image
Value Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image

Left-Handed Drivers

All the top brands in golf generally offer their golf clubs in both left and right-handed. Aside from their orientation, clubs for left-handed golfers are no different than clubs for right-handed golfers. Even driver shafts are universal between right and left-handed clubs. However, even though the shafts are the same, the loft setting adapters are reversed between right- and left-handed clubs. So, using the correct adapter for your club dexterity can help avoid confusion when selecting a club loft.

Golf Drivers Buying Guide Main Takeaway?

The game of golf is extremely complex, and many variables go into customizing a club for each individual player. The golf driver is no exception, and while this guide can lead beginners in the right direction, more experienced players looking to take their game to the next level will want to talk to an expert to receive proper fitting. At Rock Bottom Golf, we offer the ability to customize a wide range of clubs to your exact needs, and our experts are ready to help!

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Best Drivers For 2023

TaylorMade Golf Stealth 2 Driver Image

TaylorMade Golf Stealth 2 Driver

Get ready to break through your limits and soar into the Carbonwood™ Age with Stealth™ 2! With TaylorMade's revolutionary technology, they've taken forgiveness to new heights and combined it with speed for a truly unbeatable experience. Say goodbye to your old titanium clubs and hello to FARGIVENESS with the all-new Stealth 2.

Callaway Golf Paradym Driver

Callaway Golf Paradym Driver

The revolutionary Paradym Driver has arrived! This club is designed for golfers of all skill levels, thanks to its sleek design and adjustable perimeter weighting. So prepare to experience the ideal balance of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability. Expect a high launch, low spin, and a neutral ball flight to propel your shots further and straighter than ever before. Improve your game with the Paradym Driver!

TaylorMade Golf Stealth Golf Driver Image

TaylorMade Golf Stealth Driver

Titanium has been the golf driver material of choice for the last 20 years. However, every material has a limit. So TaylorMade began pushing the boundaries, and now they're abandoning the old race to go on a brand new one. A race that goes beyond the here and now to push the boundaries of what is possible. Titanium's limitations have been pushed to the limit after 20 years of development. Stealth drivers with 60X Carbon Twist Face are now available. Welcome to the new age of Carbonwoods!

Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max Golf Driver

Callaway Golf Rogue ST Max Driver

The new Rogue ST Drivers are a step forward in driving performance. Callaway's industry-leading technologies, including the Tungsten Speed Cartridge, the Jailbreak Speed Frame, and an A.I.-designed Flash Face, are intended for maximum speed while providing incredible forgiveness.

Titleist Golf TSi2 Golf Driver Image

Titleist Golf TSi2 Driver

Titleist's approach to innovation is cumulative, continuously looking for shifts that will result in long-term superiority. Material advancements in the Titleist TSi2 driver include the unique ATI 425 Aerospace Titanium in the TSi face. This Titanium face contributes to it being the longest, straightest, best-looking, and best-sounding driver Titleist has ever produced.

Mizuno Golf ST-X 220 Golf Driver Image

Mizuno Golf ST-X 220 Driver

The Mizuno ST-X is a draw-biased driver with heel-focused weight placement that inspires confidence. The ST-X golf driver is designed for those who want a higher, right-to-left ball flight. With greater spin rates than its ST-Z brother, the ST-X will fit moderate swing speeds that require assistance in creating a longer ball flight.

Tour Edge Golf Exotics C722 Golf Driver Image

Tour Edge Golf Exotics C722 Driver

This 445cc profile with a deeper face is intended for the competitive player. The C722 Driver is a 2-tier front/back weighting system that enables industry-leading MOI and spin rate adjustments and ultimate power, feel, and forgiveness thanks to Tour Edge's groundbreaking Ridgeback and Diamond Face VFT innovations.

Cobra Golf LTDx Golf Driver Image

Cobra Golf LTDx Driver

The LTDx series has been completely redesigned from the ground up to provide the Longest Total Distance. Cobra has unlocked the ideal mix of zero CG and high MOI using smart weighting, premium materials, and more intelligent designs to provide you quicker ball speed with incredible forgiveness. The LTDx golf driver is the ultimate long-distance weapon. Cobra achieved zero CG and 5200 MOI for the first time with PWR-COR Technology, resulting in a driver unlike any other. One with the longest total distance by combining low spin, quick ball speed, and high forgiveness.

Customer Reviews

By David
Bloomington, Illinois
June 6th, 2022
Buy now
This Callaway X-Hot driver is awesome and a steal at the price. Consistency longer/straighter shots all day yesterday (my first time playing w it). My buddy used my driver majority of the day and same results. Definitely pleased w my purchase
By David K.
June 6th, 2022
1st time out, and my fade is GONE!!!
I've played twice with the new Cobra Golf King RADSPEED XD driver. 1st time out hit 11 of 13 fairways. 2nd time 7 of 13. And the misses never put me in trouble. Still getting used to the distance, I went from a 9.5 to 10.5. But gladly give up a few yards for the accuracy. Love the driver so far :)
By Joe m.
Owensboro Kentucky
June 5th, 2022
Stealth Driver
Really like the driver so far. Seems to go good even on mishits!
By Sean
June 2nd, 2022
2 weeks in with my new Cobra Golf LTDx LS driver... The stock Tensi Wht Xflex is good ( avg 268 off the tee ), but after putting in my Ventus Red 6X I've found 15 more yds, up 8mph swing speed averages now right at 283. This driver is absolutely the truth. Priced lower the Callaway, Titliest & T-made. Best all around numbers, and I hit them ALL
By Tommy
Albuquerque NM
April 31st, 2022
Great driver
My old driver is a Mizuno ST190, I loved it a was not sure I wanted to replace it. RBG has such great deals that I purchased the Mizuno ST Z, it is a very forgiving driver and very rewarding when you hit the sweet spot. I average 230 yards and on solid strikes 255. My friend plays TM Stealth with Pro V ball and drives it consistently 330 yards, he is a 1 handicap golfer…. After hitting his drive, I asked him to try my Mizuno and handed him my driver and a Callaway Soft ball. As we made our way down the fairway, both of his drives were down the middle with his Pro V less than a foot longer. He was shocked because he doesn’t like Mizuno drivers, he said they have never been known for their drivers. I will never hit it that far but loved his shocked reaction.