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Table Of Contents: Golf Shoes & Footwear Buyer's Guide

Which Golf Shoes Should You Buy?

No serious golfer would even think of hitting the course without supportive golf footwear. Being able to swing confidently starts with planting your feet firmly on the ground. Failure to do this will reduce the effectiveness of your swing and marginalize your performance. A quality golf shoe will help you plant your feet with confidence and give you a firm foundation as you follow through with your swing. In addition, your golf shoes must help reduce fatigue as you play by providing comfort throughout the match. Here are some key golf shoe buying tips to consider when selecting golf shoes or footwear.


Beyond just comfort, you cannot ignore the importance of traction. Planting your feet solidly on the turf is critical to making a great shot. Unsure footing, slipping, or a less-than-optimal foot support system can hurt your score. It would help to consider this an important point when selecting your golf shoes. There are several choices, though, to help you achieve maximum comfort and help you play with confidence.

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Two Principal Types Of Traction On Golf Shoes

When you select your golf shoe, you will see several styles, configurations, and materials. Regardless, the base of any of these shoes will have two key options. These options are spiked or spikeless. Both systems offer advantages on the course, but which you choose will come down to your playing style and personal preference.

Spiked Golf Shoes

Spiked golf shoes are the traditional build-out for golf shoes. One big advantage of spikes is that they can vigorously grip multiple types of turf very well. The rigid nature of this type of sole configuration is excellent for the most fluid of turf styles. They allow you to grip the ground effectively even on the muddiest or dampest days.

While it comes down to what you prefer, it might be good to check your local golf courses for turf conditions. If you play in regions or courses where you face a lot of damp or muddy turf, spikes may be the right choice. Spikes may help you swing more effectively since there is less chance of slippage. However, if you live and play in a dryer area like Phoenix, you may not face as many damp or muddy days.

Spikes can also be replaced. When the spikes wear down, you will start to notice it. At that point, you can replace worn or broken spikes with fresh ones. The ability to replace spikes when they wear down can also improve a golf shoe's longevity.

Spiked Golf Shoe Drawbacks

This type of golf shoe does have a few drawbacks. For one, golf shoes with spikes tend to have less flexibility. They also tend to lack many innovations offered in the spikeless type. There are many types of spikeless golf shoes. Many spikeless types hybridize the comfort features of other athletic shoes but with the gripping ability of a golf shoe.

Spikeless Golf Shoes

While spiked shoes are known for offering a legendary grip on the turf, spikeless shoes open up a whole new world of possibilities. Spikeless golf shoes provide a lot of flexibility all across the board. Here are some of the many advantages of this type of shoe.

Spikeless golf shoes are built with more comfort features than traditional golf shoes loaded with spikes. Golf footwear manufacturers tend to hybridize the performance features of other athletic footwear with a shoe geared explicitly for the golf course. Hence, spikeless shoes are designed to breathe, flex, and adapt to your foot as you swing and then move to the next hole. They are built to support your foot and keep it more relaxed. This fusion of features can help you play longer by reducing fatigue in your feet and ankles. This can help you play longer and better. Spikeless golf shoes also come in several styles. This includes a sandal design, perfect for a blazing hot and dry day. Spikeless shoes are also much more suitable when you leave the fairway and head to the clubhouse. Featuring a more familiar and universal design indicative of casual footwear, they are more natural off the green than bulkier, spiked shoes.

Spikeless Golf Shoe Drawbacks

An obvious disadvantage is the grip. While effective, spikeless golf shoes will not anchor you to the turf like multi-directional spikes. This could be detrimental if the ground is less than perfect. Another disadvantage of this type of golf shoe is its durability. The spikes can not be replaced. That means when they begin to wear down, you have two options. Accept whatever loss of traction the aging spikes present, or purchase new shoes. That is not to say they will not last for a reasonable time without wearing out. However, spikeless golf shoes may not have the same longevity as shoes with replaceable spikes.

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Wearing a comfortable golf shoe can be just as important as golf shoe traction and grip. If you aren't comfortable, you aren't playing your best. Some brands' sizing standards may run a little bigger or smaller than you usually expect when purchasing regular shoes or sneakers. So, when buying golf shoes, remember to get the correct shoe size for that particular brand and style.

Other than wearing the correct shoe size, golf shoe type or style may also make a difference in comfort. For example, most golf shoes come in a traditional golf shoe style or a running shoe style. There are even golf sandals. While each of these styles still comes with spiked or spikeless soles, you should use the style that best fits your game, and that will keep you playing in comfort through all 18 holes.


When the weather isn't cooperating, every golfer needs a reliable, comfortable, well-performing pair of golf shoes for unfavorable course conditions. Today, most golf shoe brands include waterproof golf shoe technology built right into the shoe and "paint work." Most shoes claim to be 100% waterproof, preventing water from getting in no matter how long that shoe is exposed to rain, snow, or standing water. A notable technology to look for when buying golf shoes is GORE-TEX Technology, which is also built into outerwear gear and footwear. Keeping water and moisture out is achieved by a thin membrane layer between the leather and the shoe's lining. Waterproofing is always imperative, especially when playing in winter, to keep your feet warm and comfortable!

How To Make Your Golf Shoes Last Longer

You want to get the most out of your golf equipment. Part of that comes from using it correctly, the way it was designed to function. The other comes from maintaining it properly. Proper use and regular maintenance can help you get more out of your golf equipment and apparel for a longer period. That being said, you always want to pay attention to your golf shoes.

With quality golf shoes, you can play your best. From increased chance of foot fatigue to poor traction during the swing, failure to care for them could hurt your score. So where do you start? The first thing to reevaluate is your habits and your routine. For some players, shoe maintenance is optional and not a priority. After the match, they throw the shoes in the car's trunk or just let them dry on the porch or floor. Many do not even untie them. That, of course, is where they remain until the next match.

So first things first, make a point to start a maintenance routine for your shoes after the match. Here are some tips to help you get more out of your golf shoes. While these tips are not all the things you could be doing, they make a great foundation.

Some Simple Steps: Golf Shoe Cleaning & Care

These basic habits can make a big difference. The first thing you want to do is eliminate moisture when the match is over. Wet, damp shoes will wear out faster than they should. If you are coming in from a muddy, damp golf outing, you want to dry up that moisture. One way is to put newspaper in the shoes to absorb it. Also, make sure to keep them out of direct sunlight or heat. Just let the newspaper absorb excess water at room temperature.

Taking off your golf shoes without untying them may also be tempting. Over time you can rub the heel of the shoe down. And this may seem like a non-factor but think of what a worn heel can mean. When you go to swing, your foot can slip right out, causing you to swing poorly or worse. That can kill your score.

Finally, don't put all your eggs in one basket by only having one pair of golf shoes. Having more than one pair and alternating between them can extend the life of your golf shoes. Plus, this can extend the life of multiple pairs of golf shoes and save you money in the long run. Of course, maintenance is not the only thing you need to think about. Regardless of maintenance, there is a point at which you may need to replace your golf shoes.

When To Replace Your Golf Shoes

Eventually, your golf shoes will wear out, even though good maintenance slows that inevitable fact down. The question is, when is it time to replace them? While no specific finite expiration date exists, a good rule of thumb is between two to five years. Time alone may not be the only telltale sign it is time to replace them.

If you use your shoes frequently, you will notice they wear out faster. In addition, poor care will accelerate this timetable. One obvious sign of significant wear and tear is when the performance of your golf shoes begins to get worse. You find your foot slips out during your swing, or your grip on the ground is less sure than it once was. These are signs that it is time to replace them.

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The Main Takeaway?

Both amateur and professional golfers can benefit from wearing shoes tuned explicitly for the game of golf. Golf shoes help improve traction, stability, and balance, which are crucial factors in making better contact with the ball. Golf shoes are made specifically for golf and assist you in digging in and planting you securely on the ground when swinging a club, giving you considerably more power and control than regular shoes.

Best Golf Shoes For 2024

Beyond selecting spiked or spikeless shoes, golf shoe manufacturers offer various design choices. Each manufacturer adds unique innovations to meet the individualized needs of golfers. Many of these innovations help to improve comfort as you play. Here are some of the most popular golf shoe styles and their salient features.

Snake Eyes Golf Shoes

Snake Eyes Golf SE Lite Shoes Image

Snake Eyes Golf SE Lite Shoes

Introducing the Snake Eyes Golf SE Lite Shoes, a perfect blend of comfort and performance for golf enthusiasts. These shoes boast an ultrasoft foam midsole that provides exceptional comfort and enhances your overall performance on the course. The mesh upper ensures increased breathability, keeping your feet cool and comfortable throughout your game. Additionally, the fast twist spikes deliver improved stability and grip on various terrains. To top it off, the SE Lite Shoes come with a 1-year waterproof warranty, ensuring you can enjoy your golf experience without worrying about water damage.

Etonic Golf Shoes

Etonic Golf Stabilite 3.0 Shoe Image

Etonic Golf Stabilite 3.0 Shoe

Boost your shots with the premium and comfy Etonic Stabilite™ 3.0 Shoes. They have a water-resistant leather and breathable mesh tongue to keep you dry, while the ether foam midsole offers excellent cushioning and support during your golf game. Plus, their sleek design ensures you'll look stylish on the course.

Etonic Golf Stabilite Sport Spikeless Shoes Image

Etonic Golf Stabilite Sport Spikeless Shoes

Etonic Golf Stabilite Sport Spikeless Shoes offer comfort and performance for every challenge on the golf course. The rugged rubber sole features ninety-nine lugs that give you an excellent grip on the fairway. For rainy or damp days, Etonic's athletic mesh upper is waterproof. This ensures you do not have to deal with soggy water-logged shoes when you are contending with the challenges of the golf course. A reliable grip and waterproofing are not the only performance features of this shoe. The Etonic Golf Stabilite Sport Spikeless Shoe also supports your feet and ankles to help you play confidently. A welded stability cage ensures you have all the support you need round after round. You can also play longer without fatigue due to the performance midsole.

Etonic Golf G-SOK 4.0 Spikeless Shoes image

Etonic Golf G-SOK 4.0 Spikeless Shoes

The Etonic Golf G-SOK 4.0 Spikeless Shoes surround your feet in comfort from the minute you go to tee off. Ortholite insoles and a cushion EVA insole help reduce stress on your feet and ankles. The cushion support of this shoe can reduce fatigue as you feel less impact with each step. Beyond reducing impact, the Etonic Golf G-SOK 4.0 Spikeless Shoe also keeps your feet cooler. One way it does this is with the mesh material used in the shoe. Likewise, the shoe's mesh lining helps dissipate heat, keeping your feet cooler.


FootJoy Golf HyperFlex Shoes Image

FootJoy Golf HyperFlex Shoes

FootJoy Golf HyperFlex Shoes fuse style and performance in one of the most comfortable golf shoes you have ever worn. These shoes are designed to offer golf shoe traction with the style and flexibility of a sneaker. The Optiflex outsole supports the base of this shoe and features two flex zones allowing you more range as you move. Plus, connected to the Optiflex sole are Pulsar LP cleats by Softspikes. Softspike Pulsar LP cleats are built to help you grip the turf firmly. Each cleat is designed with flexor knuckles. These give you additional strength and stability as you plant your feet to swing. The design also features enhanced webbing to add even more support. The cleats are, of course, replaceable, ensuring you always have solid footing match after match. The FootJoy Golf HyperFlex Shoe reduces fatigue in your feet and legs. One reason for this is a highly comfortable footbed that houses the heel. The other is Stratofoam. Stratofoam provides unmatched comfort for even the biggest challenges you face on the course.

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FootJoy Golf Traditions Shoes

FJ Traditions provide excellent traction and are simple to maintain round after round. The combination of lightweight comfort and super-cushioned foam results in a highly flexible and pleasant ride. FJ guarantees that this golf shoe will be watertight under normal conditions for one year. This stylish full-grain leather provides exceptional comfort, breathability, and durability. The Fast Twist 3.0 cleat system with Pulsar spikes is used in this model. The Fast Twist 3.0 insert mechanism is the most sophisticated on the market. The reduced profile design provides increased comfort while securely fastening each cleat with constant torque for ultimate comfort.

FootJoy Golf Pro|SL Shoes Image

FootJoy Golf Pro|SL Shoes

The Pro|SL men's golf shoes feature Fine Tuned Foam (FTF) for supple cushioning and a perimeter-weighted outsole design for better stability. Pittards® of England created ChromoSkinTM leather, which is soft, lightweight, resilient, and 100% waterproof. The TA perimeter-weighted outsole provides excellent stability and lightweight comfort. The Laser Plus Last has a rounded toe, a regular fit across the forefoot and instep, and a slightly thin heel. A thicker insole gives more underfoot cushioning and comfort.


Callaway Golf Solana XT Spikeless Shoes image

Callaway Golf Solana XT Spikeless Shoes

Callaway Golf Solana XT Spikeless Shoes combine comfort and stability to produce a rugged all-purpose golf shoe. Like all Callaway products, technology and innovation can give you an edge on the fairway. One notable advantage of the Golf Solana XT Spikeless Shoe is the multi-directional lugs. These lugs allow this spikeless shoe to reliably grip the turf regardless of what terrain you're swinging from. In addition, a three-dimensional stability cage in the mesh upper provides added support. Even with this kind of traction, you do not sacrifice comfort. The PLUS foam insole cushions the base of your foot to reduce the full strain of repetitive impact. Throughout eighteen holes, you can feel the difference from this feature. The Callaway Golf Solana XT Spikeless Shoe also shields you from heat and moisture. It does this with a mesh liner, which helps dissipate heat produced in your feet. This is guaranteed to keep you cooler.


Puma Golf Ignite FASTEN8 Disc Spikeless Shoes Image

Puma Golf Ignite FASTEN8 Disc Spikeless Shoes

The Puma Golf Ignite FASTEN8 Disc Spikeless Golf Shoe offers support and stability on the golf course. Featuring a myriad of unique features from Puma, they allow you a comfortable, customized fit. The Golf Ignite FASTEN8 Disc Spikeless Shoe features Puma's PWRSTRAP fit system. In addition, the DISC closure system helps to secure the perfect fit every time you put these shoes on. This system uses durable nylon straps to wrap your feet and hold them comfortably in place. In addition, the DISC closure system helps to secure the perfect fit every time you put these shoes on. For added comfort, the IGNITE foam midsole helps to provide cushioning to help reduce fatigue.


Adidas Golf Tour360 22 Shoes Image

Adidas Golf Tour360 22 Shoes

The Adidas Golf Tour360 22 Shoe is the perfect balance to provide comfort and performance. The thermoplastic polyurethane outsole is strong and durable. Coupled with spikes directly injected into the shoe's base, you can depend on firm footing with every swing. The Dualstack midsole provides extra stability around the foot, providing more support when you need it most. Topping off these performance features is the on-site sock liner. This sock liner helps to make this shoe super comfortable the minute you slide your foot into it to take on the golf course.

Under Armour

Under Armour Golf Charged Draw Sport Spikeless Shoes image

Under Armour Golf Charged Draw Sport Spikeless Shoes

Under Armour Golf Charged Draw Sport Spikeless Shoes are built around keeping you comfortable no matter how challenging the course is. The molded footbed allows you to step into this show in complete comfort. Compression-molded foam provides additional support. The upper portion of the shoes is made with microfiber leather to help keep you cool even when the weather isn't.

Customer Reviews

By Andy K.
Concord, CA
March 23rd, 2023
Puma Proadapt Delta Mid Shoe
Nice looking shoe and well built. Have only worn for one full round but very comfortable right out of box. Fit is true to size
By Paul
Los Angeles
March 21st, 2023
Nice shoes, runs small
Great deal on Etonic Golf Ladies G-SOK 3.0 Spikeless Shoes closeout. However, shoes run really small (several sizes smaller than similar Adidas shoes)
By George S.
Austin, TX
March 1st, 2023
Comfort and Style
These Under Armour Golf HOVR shoes fit incredibly well and I received several compliments from the pros in the shop to the guys in the group. A few of the ladies noticed me as well. ;-). The shoes provide excellent stability throughout the swing and we a good deal at Rock Bottom Golf. I recommend the Under Armour HOVR Forged RC Spikeless Shoes.
By Robby M.
Conroe, Tx
February 25th, 2023
Great price on Adidas golf shoes
Price was incredible. Adidas Golf Primeblue CODECHAOS are comfortable and good looking. They seem to stay dry in early morning rounds. Seem to run a little narrow. Right toe gets a little dirty because of the color, but other than that I love them.
By Bubba
Aiken, SC
February 18th, 2023
just what I wanted
I'm a nut job for color, so these Etonic Golf G-SOK 3.0 Limited Edition Sham-Rock shoes caught my eye -- especially at the advertised price. Cool. Then they arrived and they're even comfortable. Ooowaaah. Exactly what I wanted.