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Tour Edge Golf- CBX Fairway Wood

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Tour Edge EX10 Driver Specs

CBX Fairway Wood

EVERYTHING ELSE FALLS SHORT! When Tour Edge engineers introduced their first Exotics fairway wood, they created new benchmarks for distance and power in a fairway wood. With the CBX, Exotics has once again taken distance gains to another level to bring unprecedented power to your game.

Combo-brazing (a weldless process) a Beta Titanium cup face to a hyper steel body, the engine of the CBX fairway wood is this combination of superior multi-materials and construction. As a result of this precise engineering, the CBX is a spin-killing distance machine - and the proof is in the numbers. Independent testing proves the CBX fairway wood outdistances its most popular competitors an average of over 16 yards.


  • Advanced Beta TI Cup Face is thinner and stronger to deliver the longest-hitting fairway wood on the market today
  • Carbon Sole Weighting helps move weight precisely to deliver more power with lower spin
  • Variable Face Thickness delivers Exotics legendary power from all over the club face
  • Speed Ramp Sole minimizes turf interaction to maintain maximum clubhead speed through impact

  • Specs

    Model Loft (*) Face Angle Lie (*) Length (")
    3 13.5 Square 57 43
    3 15 Square 57 43
    4 16.5 Square 58 42.5
    5 18 Square 58 42

    Shaft Chart

    Shaft Flex Swing Speed (MPH) Weight (g) Launch Torque
    X Hzrdus Red 65 5.5 R 80-90 62 Mid 3.2
    X Hzrdus Red 65 6.0 S 90-100 62 Mid 3.5
    X Hzrdus Yellow 65 5.5 R 80-90 63 Low 3.3
    X Hzrdus Yellow 65 6.0 S 90-100 63 Low 3.3
    X Hzrdus Yellow 75 6.0 S 90-100 75 Low 2.9
    X Hzrdus Yellow 75 6.5 X 100+ 75 Low 2.9
    X Hzrdus Black 65 6.0 S 90-100 62 Low 3.2
    X Hzrdus Black 75 6.0 S 90-100 75 Low 2.9
    X Hzrdus Black 75 6.5 X 100+ 75 Low 2.9
    Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core Tini 60 R 80-90 65 Mid 4.6
    Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core Tini 60 S 90-100 67 Mid 4.4
    Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core Tini 70 S 90-100 76 Mid/High 4.1
    Kuro Kage Silver Dual Core Tini 70 X 100+ 77 Mid/High 3.0
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    Open Box:
    Length & Lie:
    Included (Matching)
    Mens Right Handed
    Lamkin Z5
    Shaft Material:
    Shaft Name:
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    New, Factory Sealed
    (1) CBX Fairway Wood
    14TEDECBXFWMRHXKK8016501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHY6513501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHY6516501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHB7501801|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSKK7015001|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHRHY6513501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHXHB7501801|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHB6516501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHRKK7016501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSKK8001801|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHB6501801|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSKK7016501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHY7513501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHRHR7501801|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSKK8016501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSKK8013501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHRKK7001801|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHXHB7516501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHXHY7516501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSKK8015001|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHY7516501|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHXHY7501801|3-7 Day
    14TEDECBXFWMRHSHR7515001|3-7 Day
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    Product Reviews
    4.5 Stars based on 13 reviews
    By Joe R.
    August 16, 2019
    Well worth the money!
    Great price, impressed with club, long!!
    Replaced my 15* 3 Wood with this 16.5 4 wood, easier to elevate and really good off the tee.
    Happy with this purchase!
    ProsLong, easier to elevate than my 3 wood. Like the TT red shaft.
    By Raider5537
    August 13, 2019
    Tour Edge fairway wood
    I haven�€™t had a new 3 wood since a Ping Rapture from several years ago. This 3 wood is easy to hit and gives me added distance. The beta ti face is hot. I got the x flex project x hzrdus shaft. Great combination. Plenty of elevation and did I say this club is hot. Hitting 3 woods off the deck that are going 275 yards
    ProsAccurate and long. High quality club and shaft
    By Ye L.
    British Columbia
    July 22, 2019
    Great wood and shaft combo at the great price
    I have always wanted to try the TiNi 60 shaft. My normal go-to is the blue tensei and the *new CBX and TiNi combo didn't disappoint. Very stable shaft and the impact feels very solid.
    By Kerry
    July 3, 2019
    Touredge fairway woods always deliver
    I've been playing touredge fairway woods since the Any Lie models and the CBX continues to deliver! Paired with the black hzrdus shaft, this compact head bombs the ball with low spin. Only thing I would change would be the addition of an alignment aid on the top.
    By Larry
    Thousand Oaks
    July 2, 2019
    Defective shaft fractured upon first use
    Hit a couple of great shots with distance and accuracy but then shaft fractured and am returning club for credit.
    ProsDistance, accuracy
    ConsDefective shaft
    By Almost 8.
    June 27, 2019
    I heard so much about this wood and finally pulled the trigger few weeks ago. Wow! It's so easy to hit and the ball goes long, I mean super long and straight. I tried Epic flash 13.5 wood, TM's 14 degree, Ping, Titleist, and other mainstream brands. There were few I did like which gave me somewhat similar results (89 to 92 mph swing speed with slight draw bias, produced 204-212 carry distance). However, they required little more effort to produce the result and at higher price. The qualify of material is much better than expected, shaft selection was great, the look at address is superb! I am now considering their hybrid. I would recommend this product 100%! Btw, 13.5 degree wood with hazrdus black 65g, stiff shaft is as easy to hit as 15 degree wood while my draw bias went near pure to slight fade, carrying average distance of 206 carry and few 220 carry here and there). So, if you want more distance with piercing flight and extra roles, 13.5 wood maybe a good option. Also, I tend to hit skyhigh shots, so 13.5 degree helps great deal with lower trajectory.
    ProsEasy to hit, looks great, super long distance, quality of materials, and shatf options.
    ConsNo grip options. I am at regular grip and don't need any upgrade but this grip fits slightly smaller than what I am used to.
    By Derrick
    Northwest Indiana
    May 22, 2019
    Long and accurate!!!!
    Best 3 wood I have ever owned hands down! Great off the tee and very easy to get airborne from the fairway. Such a great club I went and got the 5 wood as well. Played many exotics, but this by far is there best one I have ever played.
    ProsDistance and great price for last years model.
    ConsDon't care for the stock grips
    By sunghyun y.
    May 12, 2019
    The best wood
    I feel good on the hit and the distance is good.
    More than anything else.
    The head is a bit heavier.
    I am happy to get such good wood cheaply at Rock Bartom Golf.
    By Kyle
    Reno, NV
    May 6, 2019
    Love the club, grip was installed crooked
    Love the clean, classic look of the club at address. Great, lower trajectory that has helped me add 15-20 yards compared to my previous 3-wood. The stock grip, however, was installed very poorly. I am not sure if the person who put it on was doing it with his eyes closed, but the bottom is to the left and the top is twisted to the right.
    I will have to redo the grip, but otherwise love the club.
    ProsGreat look at address Lower trajectory with the HZRDUS Black shaft Longer than previous fairway woods
    ConsPoorly installed stock grip
    By gary
    Southern California
    May 1, 2019
    Great Club - Great Price!
    Exotics have made the best FW's for years. This is not exception, I chose the 4 wood for more control, but really don't feel like I have lost much distance from a typical 3 wood.
    Pros- control - distance - feel
    Cons- sound is not quite what I like