Ray Cook Golf RCX Black Nickel 3-Wedge Set

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New for 2013, the RCX wedge line offers a Tour Proven, traditional players shaped head with a beautiful black nickel, non-glare finish. The head has been perfectly engineered for golfers seeking an optimum blend of distance and forgiveness.

Select "cut out" cavities in the back flange of the head gives the wedge a lower center of gravity, influencing the launch angle and allowing shots to get airborne with ease.

Each wedge has been given the perfect combination of degree and bounce to provide the most optimal turf/golfer interaction for the best in shot making!


  • Slightly oversized, traditional head shape with perfect offset for confidence at address
  • Revolutionary head weight distribution to maximize spin, increase distance and improve accuracy
  • Firm flex, light steel shaft offers less twist on impact
  • Soft feel compound rubber grip
  • Manufacturer:
    Ray Cook Golf
    Shaft Material:
    Wedge Sets
    Open Box:
    Not Available
    Shaft Name:
    Ray Cook Stock Steel
    Length & Lie:
    Ray Cook Stock Rubber
    RCX Black Nickel
    (3) RCX Black Nickel Wedges
    New, Factory Sealed
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    Product Reviews
    By Drew
    Elkridge, MD
    Mostly impressed
    June 16, 2016
    I won't lie, I needed a cheap set of wedges as a step up from my starter set and fell in love with the dark aesthetic. These are more gunmetal in color, so if you're buying for dark wedges then you may want to look elsewhere. Additionally, and I imagine this is a problem with all dark finishes, they scratch/scuff really easily. The sand wedge especially looks though it's been, er, sandblasted. As for performance, they've definitely helped my game. The 52* is my best club, and the 56* has made chipping a lot easier. Great deal on GI clubs.
    By Robert Santana
    Los Angeles, California
    Great Price and Great Feel
    October 29, 2015
    Needed a set of gap wedges and saw these Ray Cook so I gave it a try. I love them. They have a weight to them that allows for a better feel when striking the ball. My approach shots are getting more accurate.
    ProsI love the price point and the weight of the wedges.
    Conssince they are black, you see the markings right away. Just a cosmetic thing.
    By Nate
    Syracuse, NY
    Great Buy
    September 7, 2015
    For only $80 great buy. They suit my swing very well as I prefer the heavier weighted clubs...... No complaints here
    By Bob
    Reading PA
    New wedge set
    August 20, 2015
    First they look great out of the box, so far I've only gotten to play with them 2 times so I am still gauging in my yardages but they feel great. I was never one for light wedges so these are perfect. Thanks Cave man.
    ProsLook great, solid and balance.
    By Ron
    Soft Metal, Good Feel
    August 8, 2015
    The good news is they are playable. Now I have a true 60, 80, and 100 yard set of wedges. The bad news is, from a durability standpoint, the metal is very soft. A few sand shots and they are really scratched up. Also, the grooves are not very sharp, so don't look for a lot of spin. I guess you get what you pay for.
    By wbump25
    Baldwinsville, NY
    These completed my set!
    November 8, 2014
    I needed to complete my wedges and this did it. Nice
    ProsDo exactly what they are supposed to. I need to get used to them since my weather is now cold! Looking forward to using them in the spring!
    ConsThe finish discolors with use... no big deal for me but maybe for you.
    By Fred
    Detroit, MI
    Great Clubs at a great price
    November 1, 2014
    I took a chance on this 3 piece wedge set because of the price. I love these clubs. Nice feel and look. What a value compared to higher priced wedges sold individually. I tried a number of high end clubs and found no difference in performance when compared to the Ray Cook RCX wedges. Best buy out there.
    ProsGreat feel Nice look Price
    By Mazijoon
    Salt Lake City, Utah.
    Dope as hell
    October 23, 2014
    These clubs are nice not only for the price that you pay for them but they get the job done so nicely and look badass too. They're durable so far and look to be a really high quality club. The grip is nice and really helps with my pitching game and the weight of the head feels nice and heavy.
    ProsCool looking, feels nice, hits nice, and is quality material.
    ConsHeavy heads so expect to pay a little bit more for shipping.
    By Michael
    Great deal! I love the 60 degree.
    October 23, 2014
    good to have in your arsenal. Got rid of my gap wedge, my sand wedge and my pitching wedge, and replaced them with these.
    By Allan Johnson
    October 22, 2014
    A great set of wedges for the price.
    By Mark
    Germantown, MD
    Good item for the dollars
    October 21, 2014
    They looked great out of the box. Did not get the distance I was getting out of my old 56 degree wedge. Don't care for the grips....prefer a tour wrap style. They hit nicely and check the ball up well.
    Consgrip and distance
    By Virg
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Great wedges
    September 2, 2014
    I like the wedges very much Great feel much easier to work around the green with these wedges
    By David
    Lees Summit, MO
    Great golf wedge set
    August 16, 2014
    Very attractive, well made and easy to use set.
    ProsGood price and comparable to Adams/Callaway brands
    ConsMay feel heavier than tour models
    By Mike
    East Stroudsburg PA
    Fantastic wedge set
    July 23, 2014
    I was looking for a new set of wedges (similar to my earlier review) at a big box golf store. At first glance, the Ray Cook wedges I hit at the store looked very similar but they were priced at three times the price. This set offered three wedges for the same price that I would have paid for a single RC wedge at the store. After hitting with these wedges twice - my short game has improved considerably. I credit it to how comfortable these wedges feel.
    ProsDefinitely the price / value.
    By David
    Pittsburgh, PA
    Great Wedge Set for the Money!
    July 20, 2014
    If you're looking for a great wedge set for under $100 this is the set for you. Very easy to hit and a excellent value for the $.
    ProsVery easy to hit and forgiving. Love the grips on the clubs. Great value for the $
    ConsThey have the loft # on the club instead of , S, L and G for the wedge they represent.
    By John
    Boston, MA
    Excellent wedge performance from Ray Cook
    July 15, 2014
    My short game was severely lacking with only a sand wedge and a pitching wedge in my bag. I looked for a 3-wedge set at many local golf stores and was scared off by the high prices. As a RBG customer, I was confident that their prices and quality were always top notch. I read all of the reviews online and was quite pleased by what other golfers shared regarding the Ray Cook RCX 3-wedge set. Considering that the price for the 3 clubs was less than a single wedge from many other manufacturers, who could go wrong? I have used the wedges for 27 holes and several buckets at the range. Each wedge is handsome to look at and they deliver the goods on the course. The ball is easily elevated and stops on a dime. I was super impressed with them and they have helped me drop a couple of strokes already. With more time, I am confident they will be a life-saver inside 75 yards.
    ProsGreat price, appealing to the eye, and excellent performance on the course.
    By Fred
    Village of Islamorada, Fl
    A Game Improver
    April 30, 2014
    I found these clubs to be exceptional for the cost. Very forgiving and accurate shot making.
    ProsLight weight and easy to swing.
    By Janet
    Great Deal
    December 28, 2013
    I haven't been able to use these yet but they look great and I can't wait to try them out!
    By Tony
    Abilene, Tx
    Great Value
    November 23, 2013
    After using three different brand wedges, I decided to get a set of wedges from the same maker. These wedges looked good and the price was really fantastic. After using the wedges twice, I was very impressed with the feel and consistency. And for a price anyone can afford.
    ProsPrice and consistancy