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Harry Taylor Design Golf H.T 405 Widesole Dimple Series Wedge

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Harry Taylor Golf
Open Box:
Length & Lie:
Not Available
Mens Right Handed
Harry Taylor Stock Rubber
Shaft Material:
Shaft Name:
Harry Taylor Stock Steel
405 Widesole Dimple Series
New, Factory Sealed
(1) H.T 305 Satin Wedge
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HT 405 Widesole Dimple Design

Find the perfect wedges to add to your bag! Beautiful looking, high quality made premium wedges. Engineered for performance, forgiveness, and quality in mind. Soft feeling, 303 steel, precision milled face and grooves with super-forgiving wide dimpled sole, which slides effortlessly through sand and rough.


Loft (*) Bounce (*) Lie (*) Length (") Sole Grind Swing Weight Grams
52 8 64 35.5 D D3 296
56 10 6 35.25 D D4 298
60 6 64 35.25 D D4 299
64 5 64 35.25 D D4 299

Product Reviews

By Jon C.
Seven Lakes North Carolina
Very nice wedge for most shots 60 degrees
June 28, 2022
Have played 3 rounds with my new wedge. Very well balanced. Easy to hit. I do not notice the wide sole at address. Have not tried to hit off of hardpan or a tight lie. Easy to get out of sand, BUT I do have problems with a long sand shot. I am only getting out 10 yard max.
Good looking well balanced easy to hit long sand shots
By Joe
Dodge City, Kansas
Great wedges!
May 31, 2022
I ordered these wedges in 52, 56, and 60 degree lofts and I gotta tell you, for something that appears to be a gimmick, these things really work! They have improved my wedge play by at least 75 percent!
Great design and very easy to hit. Grips could be better.
By Ken
Cupertino, CA.
Great balance & weight
September 5, 2021
This club has improved my consistency in getting my pitches up into the air. Love it!
By Eric
Haleyville, AL
Great alternative to dropping bundle.
July 2, 2021
These wedges feel good and seem to be very consistent. I was concerned about the wider sole being obtrusive but you can't tell by standing over them at address. I had a problem hitting my wedges fat and these have really helped me with that issue. They glide across the surface with ease. My short game has become much more consistent and I'm getting a lot more birdie looks. These wedges do nothing for my putting, though. The only issue I have with them is the sole dimples are a dirt magnet. I recommend these to anyone looking to improve their wedge play on a budget
Price, feel, control, spin. Aggravating to keep clean.
By Jim
June 27, 2021
I recently received 52 and 60 degree wedge series 405. The 52 is fine. Looks good. No issues.The 60 degree however is rough milled on face and the grooves have chatter throughout. I am sure they are shallow and possibly narrow as well. This head more than likely was not quite fixtured properly in the CNC. I will see how it affects performance. Very disappointing after everything I heard about these products.
In the photo 60 degree is on top.
Nice design idea Poor workmanship and Quality inspection
By updateCategoryParent J.
Las Vegas, NV
Harry Taylor H.T 405 Wedge
June 2, 2021
Are used to struggle In the sand not anymore these wedges Or magnificent I purchased 2 60 and 52.
By Steven
Blaine, WA
Look good and perform like they should
May 24, 2021
Up till now I had mismatched wedges. I had the distances pretty well dialed in but still lacked consistency in different lies in different grasses. I am happy to report that my short game is now much more consistent in all conditions. Most of the courses where I live don't have the soft powdery sand like on TV so out of the sand I really struggled. I am now doing much better and getting out of the sand with positive comments from others on the results.
The one thing missing in the wife's game was using the mismatched wedge set she had. Now she is really liking her set of wedges that I bought at the same time and getting positive comments on her short game as well...especially when she drops in a shot from the lob wedge within 10 feet of the whole.
I also notice that when I clean them after a round, the dirty spots are all in the right places.
1. People like them because they are shiny. 2. RBG really nailed the price for us. The local stores here wanted the same price for 1 wedge as it cost for the set of 3...and that was with exchange and shipping added in. 3. I am starting this season with lower scores than I finished last season at due in part to a much improved short game. The border is still closed so I have to have them shipped internationally. Put those masks on and get vaccinated so that dang border can open up.
By Grady F.
Wilson. NC
Harry Taylor wedges
May 24, 2021
Look great, hit great. Not the longest hitting wedges I have owned but most likely the most consistent. 60 degree is great from the sand.
Great consistency N/A
By A D.
Easy To Hit
April 20, 2021
Since receiving the wedge set (52, 56, 60) I have hit them on the range and played one round with them. First I like the look of them since nothing on the market quite looks like HT. I also like that I can feel the weight of the head more so than my old wedges. Finally, and understand my short chipping game is horrible, I hit some nice pitches from 50-90 yards with them. I need more practice on shots 30 yards and in. I just can't seem to commit to the swing like I should and that is not the club's fault. I expect once I get used to the FEEL of swinging the head that my shots will improve. They are not extra heavy, I'm just more aware of the swing difference. No regrets. The price is excellent for these quality wedges.
Unique look Swing feel Quality clubs Great price Not really a fan of the grips. That's my personal preference but I may change them after this golf season.
By Matt
Cincinnati, ohio
Great club! My sand shots are easier now
December 21, 2020
I have played 2 times with my new wedge and it has exceeded all my expectations. I was sitting deep in a trap and the Wedge played it like I was a pro. Easy swing and the wedge cut through the sand and did the work. More birdies to come.