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Ray Cook Golf- Shot Saver Alien Wedge *Open Box*

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From Alien, a company that help pioneer the way for “hybrid” clubs, the Shot Saver wedge offers the most revolutionary, uniquely shaped wedges of our time. Its oversize, 2-piece construction combines an extra large sweet spot and wider than average sole in order to create a higher moment of inertia (MOI). This will help eliminate twisting on impact creating a much more accurate shot than traditional wedges can provide.


  • Oversize, hollow, 2-piece construction stainless steel head
  • Larger, wider sole offers increased bounce angles for easier sand shots
  • Glass bead satin, non-glare face w/ high chrome finish
  • Firm flex, light steel shaft for solid feel and accuracy
Ray Cook Golf
Open Box:
Length & Lie:
Not Available
Mens Right Handed
Ray Cook Stock Rubber
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Ray Cook Stock Steel
Shot-Saver Alien Wedge
New, Open Box Return
(1) Shot-Saver Alien Wedge
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Product Reviews
By Jim
BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania
July 6, 2019
Nice club at great price
This club was a bargain. Takes some getting used to but I love it.
By DawgPoundx19
Virginia Beach, VA
July 3, 2019
A Duffers Game Changer
I usually hit 105ish (not a great golfer) but this club has made my approach to the green idiot proof. The lob that this creates has done more for my short game than any other club I own. Usually I hit the green and keep rolling and ensure an extra shot or two because of my distance from the hole.
I consitently got onto the green and stuck where it dropped leaving me at 92 my last tine out. 90% of that reduction thanks to the new wedge. Well worth the money.
ProsMakes pitching onto the green idiot proof. As long as you take a divot you will put the ball in the air and stick on the green. Low cost to take strokes of your game.
ConsStrictly a lob shot club not going to get much else.
By Tim
Oswego NY
May 13, 2019
Open box purchase
Club was definitely brand new. Bought to use in sand only and haven’t used yet. Have knocked it around in the yard though. Based on how I hit in in the yard will used from sand only although with more practice time who knows
By Margaret
Washington, Michigan
November 9, 2018
Alien sand wedge
Kind of gimmicky, but it does help get the ball out of the sand. especially in loose, soft sand.
By James
July 11, 2018
Ray Cook Alien Wedge
May be a little strange looking at first but it works. I always have a hard time getting the ball up in the air from sand and this club really helps.
ProsGreat buy on sale. Good for sand
By thomc406
July 10, 2018
Shot Saver Wedge
Fannnntastic Club! Took it out of the wrapper and straight to the driving range
and right away I knew that I would be shaving strokes. Outstanding performing
club in thick bermuda grass as well as dry and loose sand. It is definitely
a keeper! Liked the sand wedge so well that I came home and ordered the 60
degree partner.
By Shanks M.
July 10, 2018
Shot Saver 56/60*
Played one round and so far, so good. I still need to work on distance. Clubs are virtually shank proof.
If you can't hit this club, you need to go back and address your swing/set up.
ProsExcellent for a very high handicapper (me).
ConsReally wish they offered a head cover,
By Jerry
Ambler, Pa
July 4, 2018
Alien Wedge - Different, but good different
Heavy hybrid hollow headed sand wedge. The heavy oversized head allows you to blast the ball out of a trap without opening the face. Fantastic out of the rough too. I've got a bit of work to do getting used to it from a tight fairway lie however. There's a large rounded leading edge that's great for sand and high rough, however I feel like from a tight lie, I've really got to have hands forward so that the leading edge gets under the ball prior to contact. I've used alien wedges before, but this is the first hybrid type with a very deep & sharp leading edge.
ProsSand & Tall grass
ConsTight lies take some adjustment.
By Jack B.
Middletown, N.J.
May 28, 2018
Ray Cook Shot Saver
Bought this club as a Sand W, but it works well out of the rough also! Weighted bounce makes for an easy swing.
By markr
May 2, 2018
Good Club for Sand or Long Grass
Need to figure this club out but once you do it works very well!