Impact Press Golf Swing Training Aid

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Impact Press Golf
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Swing Training Aid
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The Impact Press is a revolutionary training iron designed to improve how you deliver the golf club at impact. Invented by Bill Schmedes III, an award-winning PGA professional: Best Young Teacher in America & Best in State by Golf Digest, Top 30 Golf. The Impact Press is for golfers of all ages and abilities looking to improve both the body and club movements into the hitting area. The Impact Press improves a golfers wrist conditions, external rotation of the trail shoulder, pressure shift, turns, tilts, angle of attack, dynamic loft, and most importantly provides an unmatched impact position!


  • Invented by Bill Schmedes III, an award-winning PGA professional
  • Improve ball striking, ball flight, overall distance, allowing you to finally be in control of your golf game.
  • Instructor by Golf Tips Magazine, Top 25 Elite Junior Coach in the USA by FCG, and Top 50 Kids Coach by US Kids Golf.
  • Endorsed by many of the teachers and coaches on Golf Digest’s and Golf Magazines Top 50 and Top 100 golf instructor lists, including Gary Gilchrist, and Tim Cooke.
  • It can be hit both indoors and outdoors, or used away from the ball to improve the motor pattern, providing the feedback needed to take your golf game to the next level.

Product Reviews

By Matthew
Old Hickory, Tennessee
Not sure
June 27, 2021
Don't want to give a good or bad review. This trainer just isn't for me. I can see how it might benefit someone else.
Price, ease of use Not for everybody
By Jon
New York, New York
Very Impressed
October 30, 2020
Very easy to use to improve my poor ball striking. Simple videos to follow on their website as well. I like how theres things you can do both at the course and home with it.
By Rich
Racine, WI
Totally works!
September 7, 2020
I've tried every swing aid, taken lessons and read more golf instructional materials than I care to admit for over thirty years! None of them were able to explain how to get into the proper impact position! After hitting 2 buckets of balls, I got it! I finally know how to move my left wrist which has enabled me to get my hands in front of the ball at impact! I'm now hitting all of my clubs longer, higher and more consistent! The best $100 bucks I ever spent on golf!

By Nate
San Diego, CA
Super solid training aid. I just picked one up and it's helping me a lot
August 29, 2020
I've always struggled with poor contact and lack of distance. My ball flight was really high and weak. I've used this a few range sessions now and it's helped a lot once I use my own clubs. Very happy so far.
Helps me improve contact and ball flight
By Eddie
Naperville, IL
June 11, 2020
I've been using for a few weeks now and already a club longer!
Better contact and more distance!
By Dan
Twinsburg, Ohio
One of the best!
March 26, 2020
This is one of the best if not the best training aid I've ever used. I'm a golf junkie and have tried a ton of different aids. Most are garbage! This has helped me improve my awareness and movements and it actually works! Can't wait for golf season to get here.
By Grant
Totally worth it
March 16, 2020
My buddy recently bought one of these and highly recommended I try it. After hitting a few balls I knew I needed this! It’s awesome for full Swing but I actually tried using it around the greens and thought it helped just as much. Really solid design.
Rhode Island
Love this club!
March 10, 2020
I’m somewhat new to the game of golf and absolutely love getting out there with our friends! My probably is I tend to hit a lot of heavy shots, or ground before ball, that can really effect my rounds. Although I just received it I feel like it really helps. I like how I can use both at home or at course. I’m beginning to understand how to properly deliver the club into the ball now! ðŸ™
Easy to use, great feedback when using correctly or incorrect, helps me hit ball first ground second!
By Anton
Fort Myers, FL
5 star impact trainer
March 8, 2020
I purchased two Impact Press clubs for both myself and my son to help us with our golf games. We've been using for about a week now at the range and we feel they've really been helping. We feel like were both beginning to make better contact and hit the ball further! It's simple in its design but provides really good feedback.
-Better ball striking feel -Increased distance (about 1 club or so)
By Chris L.
Marstons Mills, MA
Best training aid I've used!
March 7, 2020
Very easy to use and improve with. Fits in my golf bag well. I've tried a number of other training aids in the past and I didn't feel they helped. Not this one! Helped immediately. Highly recommended!