Stance Caddy Golf Stance and Alignment Training Aid

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Stance and Alignment Training Aid
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Stance and Alignment Training Aid


Stance Caddy, the 2022 PGA Show Innovation Award winner, is designed to employ the fundamental principles outlined in "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons". Stance Caddy helps golfers eliminate any uncertainties regarding their stance, enabling them to establish a consistent stance width, ideal foot and ball positioning, as well as perfect alignment for every club in their golf bag. Consequently, golfers can concentrate their efforts on improving other vital elements of their swing.

The inspiration behind Stance Caddy stems from an illustration by Anthony Ravielli, prominently featured in the timeless publication "Ben Hogan's Five Lessons". Originally released in 1957 as a compilation of articles from Sports Illustrated, this book remains relevant to this day due to its comprehensive understanding of the physics and geometry underpinning the golf swing.

Moreover, another notable golfing resource, "The Golfing Machine," highlights two primary methods of establishing one's stance and addressing the ball. The first method involves adjusting the ball's placement within the stance. The second method entails maintaining a fixed ball position while modifying the stance's openness or closedness. Esteemed instructors and accomplished players such as Hogan, Nicklaus, Norman, Harmon, and others advocate for a consistent ball position relative to the front foot. This fosters the desired uniformity in the bottom of the swing's arc in relation to the ball's placement.

Stance Caddy provides additional value by making fade and draw templates available for download, enabling golfers to fine-tune their shot-making abilities. Although the formula for executing fades and draws may appear straightforward in principle, these techniques are seldom emphasized in conventional golf lessons. The downloadable templates, tailored to both left and right-handed golfers, furnish individuals with the necessary tools to acquire proficiency in shaping their shots, thereby augmenting their overall gameplay capabilities.


  • Lightweight & Convenient
  • Stores in Your Golf Bag
  • Customized for Your Body
  • Works for All Clubs
  • Ideal Foot and Ball Position
  • Perfect Alignment
  • Fade/Draw Templates
  • Left Handed & Right Handed Golfers

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