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MGI Golf Zip Navigator Caddy Cart

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MGI Golf
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Zip Navigator Caddy Cart
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Play shots under less fatigue with the MGI Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy, as you walk free around the course while your caddy does all the work. Featuring MGI’s renowned full directional remote control, roam free and experience the ease in which this electric golf caddy moves around the golf course. Control the speed remotely while the automatic downhill speed control feature effortlessly takes control down any hilly terrain. The most significant technological triumph on the Zip Navigator Electric Golf Caddy is what lies within. Traverse across the toughest of terrain and watch as the Patented Gyroscope automatically tracks the electric golf caddy on a straight course. Walk free and play hard with the Zip Navigator. MGI Zip Series Electric Caddies are ideally suited to fit cart bags. Not all stand/carry bags are compatible.


  • Full directional remote control allows for left, right, forward, reverse and speed control
  • Patented Gyroscope Straight Tracker technology keeps the caddy on track across any terrain
  • Downhill speed control minimize your effort and maximize control
  • Twin calibrated motors for supreme power & agility
  • Powered by the largest capacity Lithium 24v 380Wh battery
  • All terrain tread rear wheels help handle all conditions
  • Quick release rear wheels, with All Terrain tread
  • Swiveling front wheel
  • Fully foldable rear 4th wheel for added stability
  • Folded Dimensions: 27.55' x 18.5' x 16.5' inches
  • Open Dimensions: 31.5' x 23.2' x 40.9' inches
  • Includes drink holder, umbrella holder & multi-purpose clip
  • 2 Year warranty

Product Reviews

By Scott
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Absolutely love this item
July 15, 2021
This is by far one of the best golf accessories that I have bought in along time. By no means is an essential but if you can afford it I would recommend it. As with all things there are somethings I would like to see added but not having them does not alter the enjoyment that having this golf caddy has brought to my game. Makes me feel like a 6 year old again when I got my first RC car.
Out of the box it was easy to set up. MGI has some great tutorial videos on youtube to assist with set up and other functions. Does not effect a shoulder injury that I have. The 4th wheel is a savior, my friends V2 Alphard ewheel push cart conversion kit fell over backwards twice in one round going up hills that were no problem for my Zip navigator thanks to the 4th wheel. Its start/stop and speed controls are easy to use when not using the remote as long as you have at least one hand on the handles. Easy to convert from power to free wheel. Handles all of the terrain of the golf courses in my area with no problems. Looks good. Out of the box I was`t sure where to find the SN to register my cart with MGI, it was on a little stick that I found and I wish it could have been etched on to the cart more permanently, I will have to look again. I wish my bag sat up right more, right now my bag sits at an angle where my clubs prevent me from using the cell phone holder, could possibly be the bag that I am using. I think that there could be a better way of steering the cart when not using the remote (forgot it at home) in stead of pushing/pulling it left or right. Paddles on the left and right hand grips could be a viable suggestion. Wish the base of cart that the bag sits on was designed differently, sometimes it seems like the bag could rotate in the cradle and tip the cart sideways. Remote holder is to far under the handle and could have been placed in a different location.
By Anonymous
Montclair , New Jersey
Best Golf Purchase Ever
July 12, 2021
The Zip Navigator is by far the best golf purchase I have ever made. I've had a few different remote carts over the years and this one beats the Stewart X9 follow that I had. The Gyroscope system and the speed of the cart allows you to send it forward to your ball and have it waiting for you when you get there. The ease of use will have you wondering why you didn't get it sooner.
Ease of use Durability The unit is somewhat heavy to lift into the car.