Blue Tees Golf Series 3 Max+ Rangefinder

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Blue Tees Golf
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Series 3 Max+ Rangefinder
New, Factory Sealed
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Series 3 Max+

Series 3 Max+ Rangefinder

The Series 3 Max+ Laser Rangefinder is the next iteration of our flagship, best selling S3 line of lasers. S3 Max+ offers improved software + electronics, an enhanced ergonomic design, and is powered by our new rechargeable battery technology.


  • SLOPE SWITCH - The Slope Switch enables the golfer to see slope compensated distances on the display. It can be toggled on or off to comply with USGA regulation.
  • RED/BLACK CONTROL - The Red/Black Control button allows you to manually change the display color to your preferred setting based on the environment (high/low light).
  • ACTIVE TRACKING - Know your distances at all times. With Active Tracking, you will always know your exact distances while moving and looking through the lens.
  • MAGNETIC STRIP - A built-in magnet that boasts two powerful magnetic plates, making for an effortless, worry-free, and ultra-strong hold to your golf cart or accessory
  • ADVANCED FLAG LOCK w/ PULSE VIBRATION - Advanced Flag Lock & Pulse Vibration triggers short vibrating bursts to confirm a lock on any target - avoiding error and providing pin point accuracy.
  • WATERPROOF USB-C - Throw out the batteries. The S3 Max+ comes equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery, powered by a waterproof USB-C port
  • CRYSTAL CLEAR DISPLAY - The Crystal Clear Display blows the competiton out of the water. The clarity and visibility of the lens makes those far shots a breeze to see.
  • WATER RESISTANT - Relentless in any condition. Its rubberized plastic body and sealed seams leads to superior water resistance for those rainy days on the course.
  • 1000 YARD RANGE - Whether it's a lay-up, or from the black tee box on a par 5, its 1000 yard range is sure to capture the eact distance to assist in choosing the right club.

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