Fairway Woods Buyer's Guide For 2024

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Golf Woods

Larger than fairway woods in size, one of the most iconic clubs any golfer has in their bag is their driver, also known as the 1-wood. The largest club by far, it is built around the concept of powerful swings and far-reaching shots. The sound of a ball getting knocked off the tee is one of those perfect sounds any golfer loves to hear. Of course, that sound should be accompanied by a view of their ball traveling hundreds of yards into the distance, perfectly aligned towards the distant green. Then it's time for a fairway wood to come out of the bag.

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On the Fairway

After the drive off the tee, the next club out of your bag will probably be a fairway wood, depending on the hole's length or par. Generally, fairways are mostly used after the drive off the tee on par-5 holes or long par-4 holes. Drivers and fairway woods are traditionally all considered woods. The driver is the 1-wood, and the fairways are the higher-numbered woods. And as their name suggests, fairway woods are typically meant to be used on the fairway for longer shots that golf irons may not be suited for hitting.

What Exactly Is A Fairway Wood, Anyway?

Naturally, the fairway wood itself is built around these design necessities. The fairway wood club head is bigger than the head on an iron and more closely resembles a driver. This larger club head makes it easier to hit, which is essential since you still need to generate power and distance. The club also has a greater loft than the driver. And this is because you are now further down the fairway, and you will need a higher arc to ensure you don't overshoot the green.

Certified Pre-Owned Fairway Woods

Every Golf Fairway Wood is different, and you should be able to take advantage of the brand and model that best meets your requirements. The golf club that performs well for the pros on tour may not be the same club that works best for all golfers. You should be able to try different clubs to find the best one for your individual playing style. That is also why buying Pre-Owned Clubs is such an excellent and practical solution.

You do not have to purchase new to get a name-brand quality wedge. Our certified pre-owned irons offer top-name brands at a lower price point. Many are also backed with our Certified Pre-Owned Guarantee. Each used club we receive is meticulously inspected and rated appropriately.

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The Main Takeaway?

Fairway woods are essential to any golf round. And knowing when to use a fairway wood over an iron or hybrid can be crucial to keeping your score low. Plus, we are always here to help you decide what clubs will be best for your game.

Popular Fairway Woods For 2023

One of the great things about modern Fairway Woods is the amount of technology infused into every club. While fairway woods have similarities, each manufacturer offers innovations that make their clubs unique. Here are some of the most popular Fairway Woods in 2023.


Titleist Golf TSR2 Fairway Wood Image

Titleist Golf TSR2 Fairway Wood

Go low to get more. Titleist’s lowest CG ever for speed and launch without producing too much backspin is found in Titleist TSR2 Fairways. A revolutionary Open Hosel Construction gives TSR2 a powerful new sound and feel that quickly makes it a player favorite. The biggest alteration in the TSR2 fairways is a drastic decrease in the center of gravity, which results in Titleist’s lowest-ever CG for an all-steel construction. This stroke produces a quick, high, pure ball flight without adding too much backspin like a traditional deep CG club. With the removal of extra weight that was high and near the heel in this new design, Titleist engineers were able to significantly enhance several performance facets. This small adjustment yields remarkable benefits.


Callaway Golf Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood Image

Callaway Golf Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood

The new Rogue ST Fairway Woods are up to 10 yards longer. Pushing the two Jailbreak batwings to the edge gives the face rigidity while still allowing it to flex for high ball speeds. A.I. Face, a High Strength Face Cup, and a Tungsten Speed Cartridge are also built into them. The Rogue ST LS Fairway Wood model is designed for better players and has a deeper face and a small footprint. This is our most fade-capable fairway wood thanks to the 28g Tungsten Speed Cartridge, forward weight screw, and form and face profile, which push the CG forward for low spin.


TaylorMade Golf Stealth Fairway Wood Image

TaylorMade Golf Stealth Fairway Wood

The TaylorMade Golf Stealth Fairway Wood is packed with features to help you play to your full potential. The updated club head crown is one feature that can help you achieve better accuracy on every shot. TaylorMade engineers use a three-dimensional carbon crown on the top of the club head to improve playability when you use this fairway wood. This design feature allowed TaylorMade engineers to reposition the weight on the club, pushing it lower and deeper than in previous designs. This simple change can help you get higher lofts and greater distance. But the engineers did not stop there.

The V Steel design of the clubhead can also be a difference maker when you are still deep in the fairway. This design promotes maximum forgiveness and less friction when contacting the ball. This can translate into a higher more precise loft that will get the ball where you need it to go. Another key feature of this club is the actual club face. The club face features resilient C300 steel. Paired with twist face technology, the combination is a curved design that offers more forgiveness on every shot. The design allows more off-center shots to still carry considerable distance and loft than less technologically advanced clubs.

Cobra Golf

Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Fairway Wood image

Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Fairway Wood

The Cobra Golf King RADSPEED Fairway Wood is one of the most popular Fairway Woods available. This Cobra Fairway wood is packed with features to help you perform better anytime you reach for this type of club. This club is designed around the concept of balance. The combination of front and back weighting helps you to swing more fluidly and potentially more accurately. This is only one feature of this highly effective club that can help you make better shots.

Another ingenious feature of this Cobra Fairway wood is the hollow split rails. This innovative feature allows the club to flex more and allows for greater distance and speed with every swing. The milled Infinity club face increases the optimum striking area to increase distance. And this gives you a greater chance of making your ideal shot when the club connects with the ball.

Honma Golf

Honma Golf TW XP-1 Fairway Wood Image

Honma Golf TW XP-1 Fairway Wood

The Honma Golf TW XP-1 Fairway Wood combines precision, elegance, and performance into one of the most functional fairway woods to ever grace a golf course. Every nuance of this club is built to help you swing faster and with more control. From the moment you grip this club, you will notice how light and controllable the club is. Seasoned professional craftsmen in Japan have created these clubs. The result is no detail has been overlooked in the construction of this fairway wood. Here is a breakdown of some of the premium features of this club.

One thing that instantly differentiates this club is the primary engineering that goes into the head and shaft. Honma craftsmen engineer the head and shaft together. The idea behind this encompasses Honma's design concept of harmony and balance. You will also notice this fairway wood is incredibly light and easy to swing. The club's shaft weighs only 53 grams. This specialized club is made of graphite fiber and allows you to swing it effortlessly. Honma uses a light carbon crown in the 3-wood to further reduce weight. The place you notice these innovations the most is on the course.

Tour Edge Golf

Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch C523 Fairway Wood Image

Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch C523 Fairway Wood

The 17-4 stainless steel Competition Spec Hot Launch C523 Fairway Metal has a traditional setup and construction for players looking for the best spin rates while still benefiting from exceptional forgiveness. The sole rail of the C523 fairway runs from the leading edge to the trailing edge. The redesigned sole rail creates a super-low CG for high-launching strokes with optimal spin rates and maximum ball speed off the face. The rail design made it simpler to generate more power and enhanced forgiveness by lowering the center of gravity (CG) and allowing for a 42% increase in the hitting area on the fairway face.

Tour Edge Golf Exotics C721 Fairway Wood Image

Tour Edge Golf Exotics C721 Fairway Wood

The Tour Edge Golf Exotics C721 Fairway Wood is constructed to give you more power on every swing. This fairway wood features an exclusive Tour Edge innovation known as Ridgeback technology. Ridgeback Technology consists of bracing technology to get more distance on each shot. That means the club is braced on the club head's center face, which helps focus more of your energy into the ball at impact. Beyond just power, the club has other features to help you hit more accurately.

One feature that helps you do this is the club face itself. Tour Edge Diamond face 2.0 technology on the club face helps to create forgiveness on every swing. Another feature that helps you is the rear back weighting. Tour Edge uses this weighting to push the center of gravity back. And this enables you to launch the ball higher and with greater stability.

Customer Reviews

Dead on
I've hit Sim, Maverick and Ping 425, and none of those are as easy to hit well as the Tour Edge C721. These fairway woods launch high and fast no matter where you hit it on the face. Just the consistency with which I'm able to strike these woods is incredible. I'm a 88 to 92 kinda golfer and got my 16.5. Ball speed is up for me and the ball gets up quickly! Great looks and great feel.
Southern Illinois
Great club
The Wilson Launch Pad Fairway Wood is easy to swing. Launches the ball high and it goes a long way. Exactly what I was looking for in a fairway wood.
Saint Louis MO
Cobra fairway wood
The Cobra RADSPEED Draw Fairway Wood is outstanding wood both for distance and ease of contact with the ball. I chose the draw version to help me correct my fade and so far it has done its job. Convenient to have multiple selections with the face contact. Multiple selections for shaft flex as well. Very pleased with the purchase and timely delivery by rock bottom golf. Have purchased several clubs and accessories with them and have been pleased with them all day
Franklin, Indiana
Most powerful Fairway Wood
The Tour Edge Exotics C721 Fairway Wood is a beautiful crafted Club that performs perfectly. Longest hitting club I have ever used. I wish that I had purchased this club earlier!!!! Really great value.
Keizer, Oregon
Great Fairway wood
Purchased the Callaway Epic MAX Fairway Wood to create a matching set of woods with Epic Driver. Gain distance and club is really forgiving. No matter where you hit the ball on club face.