How To Choose A Putter: Golf Putter Buyer's Guide

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Table Of Contents: Golf Putter Buyer's Guide

The Golf Putter

One of the most important clubs in your bag is your golf putter. Barring an unlikely hole-in-one or an almost impossible shot from outside the green, your putter is the final club a golfer uses on just about every shot. Like all clubs, manufacturer innovations help to optimize performance. Regardless, choosing a putter comes down to personal preference. Here is a look at some options and styles of putters available to help you decide.

Putter Shafts And Putter Length

golf putter length to player height - Image
Putter Length To Player Height Chart

Using the correct shaft for your height can easily shave strokes off your score and be a total game-changer. After all, the putter is the last club you'll use on any given hole, and it should be the club you can confidently use to complete your final, winning stroke. So, how well you use it can directly impact your score.

Your height in proportion to the shaft length is a big part of the equation. The shaft length directly correlates to a player's height. Using the correct putter length for your height helps set up the proper putting posture and alignment. And you will sink many more putts when using the best posture and alignment to make a putt.

Aside from that, with the proper length putter, you can stand comfortably with your eyes directly over the ball, which improves your aim and overall accuracy. Using the correct putter length can also help reduce strain on your back and shoulders. And that can be a lifesaver after a full round of golf!

Using the Correct Putter Length

Most putters, or traditional length putters, are about 32 inches to 36 inches in length and are designed for a smooth, rhythmic swing. However, you can opt for a longer shaft ranging from 36 inches to 38 inches for more stability. Longer shafts are designed for golfers to reach further down on the shaft. And this puts more weight above the hands and allows for greater shot stability. But what you use comes down to your personal preference. However, putter length should still correlate to your height.

Here is a simple, straightforward test to ensure you are using the proper length. Get into your putting stance. Simply measuring the distance from the putting green to your wrists will determine the height you need. Accordingly, here is a breakdown of the different shaft lengths recommended for varying heights:

Player Height Shaft Length
Taller Than 6’4” 36"
6’2” - 6’4” 35.5"
6’0” - 6’2” 35"
5’8” - 6’0” 34.5"
5’6” - 5’8” 34"
5’4” - 5’6” 33.5"
5’2” - 5’4” 33"
5’0” - 5’2” 32.5"
Under 5 feet 32"

Putter Hosel

Hosel selection is another choice when purchasing a golf putter. The hosel connects the shaft to the head of the club. While this may not seem significant, it can impact how you align the club and hit the ball. The most common types are heel-shafted and offset. An advantage of offset styles is they improve visibility when lining up the club to the ball. A less common design is center shafted. This design positions the golfer directly over the ball while holding the club.

Center Shafted

While less common, the center shaft does appeal to players with a straight style. This design positions the golfer directly over the ball while holding the club. And it is perfect when a golfer has no bias in their swing that causes the ball to arc or curve.

Heel Shafted / Offset

This type of hosel design is much more common. This configuration puts the shaft at the edge of the clubhead. It allows a golfer with more of an arc in their putting style to be more accurate. Another advantage of offset styles is to improve visibility when lining up the club for the ball.

Putter Grips

You cannot select a putter without at least addressing the role of the grip. This feature may not be as glamorous or as sought-after as other features, but it is still essential. When evaluating the grip, a rule of thumb is the importance of feel while you putt. A thicker grip will help to muffle the vibration. You will not have as much feedback when you swing the club, which could be disastrous for golfers with a lot of arc in their swing.

golf putter golf grip styles - Image

Along with the above putter grip considerations, the putter's grip type, shape, and thickness can affect putter performance in other ways. For example, thicker putter grips can make the putter "feel" lighter but may add weight to the club overall. There are also several standard grip shapes and styles to choose from (see image). The grip shape and style a golfer uses are up to the golfer's grip style and preference. So, taking time to determine what putter grip works best for you can help you sink more putts and lower your score.

Toe Or Face Balanced

The club's weighting is a design selection that can complement or detract from your game. Face-balanced putters have a center of gravity below the shaft. This configuration is better for a straight putter, where the backswing is less critical. In contrast, a toe-balanced putter is designed more for golfers with an arc-style putt.

Putter Head Types

The clubhead is probably the most distinguishable characteristic of a golf putter. It is also one of the easiest ways to quickly sort through the enormous selection of putters available to you. The two principal types are blade and mallet putters.

golf putter golf stroke types - mallet versus blade putter - arc versus straight stroke - Image

Blade Putters

Still the preferred choice of many professional golfers, the blade putter is perfect for faster greens. It is harder to align than a mallet putter but affords other benefits. The blade is much more suited to golfers with an arc-like stroke and offers more control, but it can be unforgiving for less experienced golfers.

Mallet Putters

Much larger than its traditional blade counterpart, the mallet putter offers several advantages to your golf game. A mallet putter can be easier to handle than a blade putter. It is also designed to line up the club with the ball easily. These types of putters also offer a lot of unique options. While your club choice is a personal preference, this putter is ideal if you have a straight back and straight through stroke, meaning no arc.

golf putter golf stroke types - mallet versus blade putter - arc versus straight stroke - Image

Lefties and Ladies Putters

As with all golf clubs, putters come in lefties and ladies' styles. The only real difference between right-handed and left-handed putters is the club's orientation and the grip.

Ladies' putters may be lighter with thinner grips. Other than that, ladies' putters may also come in different colors.

90-Day Putter Performance Guarantee

90-day performance golf club guarantee logo - Image

Plus, at RBG, you can rest assured that you have made the correct putter purchase with our 90-Day Performance Guarantee! Rock Bottom Golf prioritizes customer satisfaction. If you're unhappy, you can return a qualifying putter purchase for store credit. All qualified goods have a 90-Day Performance Guarantee icon.

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Pre-Owned And Used Putters

Purchasing a pre-owned putter is a great way to get one for a lower price than brand new. However, there are a few things to consider when buying a pre-owned putter. For example, a pre-owned putter grip may not be the stock grip. Also, there may have been some other custom weighting on the club's sole or added to the head depending on the previous owner's playing style.

Rock Bottom Golf is a golf retailer with many years of expertise and a devoted staff of certified pre-owned club specialists. Those specialists evaluate each putter entering our warehouse and assign it to one of the pre-owned club condition rankings shown below. RBG even offers a 30-Day Pre-Owned Playability Guarantee on several of our used clubs, so you can be sure you're receiving the quality you expect when you buy.

Click on the pre-owned categories below to find out more!

Like New Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image
Excellent Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image
Very Good Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image
Value Pre-Owned Golf Club Category Information Image

Golf Putter Frequently Asked Questions

What types of putters are there?

Several types of putters are available, including blade putters, mallet putters, and more recent designs such as high MOI (moment of inertia) putters and center-shafted putters. Each type has unique characteristics and finding one that feels comfortable is essential.

What materials are putters made of?

Putters are traditionally made of metal materials like steel or stainless steel. However, putters can also be made from lightweight materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber. Some putters are made from exotic materials such as titanium, tungsten, or copper.

What is the difference between face-balanced and toe-balanced putters?

A face-balanced putter is built with the center of gravity squarely beneath the center of the putter's face. This makes aiming and maintaining a square face to the target easier. A toe-balanced putter, on the other hand, has the center of gravity closer to the putter's toe. Having more weight placed at the toe may make it more appropriate for players who have a somewhat arcing putting stroke.

What are the benefits of a counterbalanced putter?

Counterbalanced putters have more weight on the grip end of the putter. And this can help increase the stability and control of the putter, allowing for a smoother stroke. It can also help with distance control and accuracy by reducing hand and wrist movement.

What is the role of shaft length in putter selection?

The length of the putter shaft can play an essential role in your putting performance. A putter that is the correct length will allow you to maintain good posture and relax your arms while putting. A putter that is too long or short can cause you to hunch over or stand too tall, which can negatively impact your stroke. Try different lengths to see what feels most comfortable.

How do I care for my putter?

Clean the clubhead and grip of your putter after every round to keep it in good shape. You can clean the clubhead with mild soap and water and the grip with a damp cloth. Also, keep it in a dry place and not lean it against a wall or leave it in a car, where the heat and humidity can damage it.

Can a putter be adjusted?

Some putters can be adjusted for weight, lie, and loft. These putters often have removable weights or adjustable sole plates. If you're uncomfortable making these adjustments yourself, you should consult a club fitter or professional club builder. Also, remember that putters with adjustable features will likely be more expensive.

What is the difference between a blade and a mallet putter?

A blade putter is a traditional putter style with a narrow head. They are better for straighter, more controlled putters due to their lighter heads. Mallet putters have larger heads and rounded shapes. They're better for arcing putting strokes and off-center hits due to their heavier heads.

How do I choose the right putter length?

Your right putter length will depend on your height and stance. If you are taller, you may choose a slightly longer putter; if you are shorter, you may want to choose a slightly shorter one. Additionally, make sure your arm is straight when you address the ball. If they are bent, it's a sign that the putter is too short or too long.

What is the proper grip for a putter?

A "reverse overlap" grip is the proper grip for a putter. Overlap your left hand's pinkie finger on top of your right hand's index finger to create a more stable and consistent grip. You can also try a "cross-handed" grip, which involves placing your left hand low on the grip and your right hand high. This grip is typically used by golfers seeking a more relaxed and natural feel.

How do I align my putter correctly?

Start by aiming your putter at the target hole, and then check that the leading edge of your putter is parallel to the target line. These two steps will ensure your aim is true and your stroke is square to the target. You may also use alignment aids on top of your putter, such as lines or dots, to further assist with proper aim.

How can I improve my putting stroke?

To improve your putting stroke, keep your arms and hands relaxed and your wrists firm. Ensure your shoulders and hips are square to the target, and your eyes are directly over the ball. Keeping your head still and avoiding unnecessary movement during the stroke is also essential. Practicing drills and visual aids to check your alignment can help you improve your putting stroke over time.

The Main Takeaway?

Using the correct putter for your playing style can help lower your score significantly. However, just like any golf club, your choice of putter can hinder your game if it doesn't work for you or feel right in your hands while playing. Putting is all about feel and finding a club that works for you and your game. So, when buying a new putter, don't rush the process. Take the time to go through a handful of different putter setups to see what fits the best for you.

Popular Blade Putters

While using a premium blade putter can make it easier to play golf, choosing one might not be easy. There is a vast selection of putters represented by the most elite brands. These are some of the most popular blade putters with several technological innovations.

Wilson Golf Infinite Windy City Putter Image

Wilson Golf Infinite Windy City Putter

The Wilson Golf Infinite Windy City Putter takes the simplicity of a blade putter and fuses it with innovations that give you control and precision on every putt. This putter comes equipped with an oversized grip, designed to provide you with a firm hold on every shot. In addition, the double-milled face gives you more control than the average blade putter. This putter also has easy-to-use alignment lines to help your accuracy. Finally, the anti-glare coating helps you see the alignment lines, even on the sunniest days.

Titleist Golf Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter Image

Titleist Golf Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter

The Titleist Golf Scotty Cameron Special Select Newport 2 Putter is the epitome of craftsmanship. Forged from a solid block of 303 stainless steel, quality is infused into every part of this traditional blade design. The mid milled clubface and performance balanced weighting help to deliver control. This combination increases the optimal area that a golfer can use for a successful shot. A unique plumbing neck-shaft helps to give more visibility. The club is further enhanced with the unique Pistolini grip, helping maintain a firm hold as you focus on your shot.

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter #1 Wide Image

Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter #1 Wide

The Odyssey Golf White Hot OG Putter #1 Wide lives up to its audacious name. A two-part urethane insert has been reintroduced to deliver the legendary sound, control, and capabilities popular with this seasoned design. Combine this with a milled surface finish and proprietary DFX grip, and you can dominate the green! Available in two different shaft options.

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft #4 Putter Image

Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft #4 Putter

The Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft #4 Putter infuses innovation into the traditional blade putter design. Constructed to be both durable and reliable, it is forged from 304 steel. This steel offers a softer feel than other alloys, giving more feedback when contacting the ball. The precision milled face also helps with additional control, along with the unique steel construction. Using a unique diamond pattern, the Cleveland Golf Huntington Beach Soft Putter clubface helps increase friction at impact. This speed-enhanced face technology helps to improve accuracy, even when the shot is less than perfect.

Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 Plumbers Neck Putter Image

Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 Plumbers Neck Putter

While the Cleveland Frontline series primarily encompasses mallet-style putters, this hybrid is something extraordinary. Resembling a blade putter, the Cleveland Golf Frontline 4.0 Plumbers Neck Putter has a sleek profile but is constructed with many of the advantages of the Frontline mallet series clubs. The putter is front weighted with tungsten weights. You can send the ball on a straight, uninterrupted path right to the hole, and easy to align and easy to control. Perfect for golfers with a straight putting style, this putter can improve your game. Another advantage of this putter is the technology used on the face of the club. The clubface is designed to optimize speed, helping you achieve a consistent shot.

Popular Mallet Putters

The types of mallet putters available to you are endless. Like blade putters, golf's most iconic club manufacturers offer state-of-the-art innovations to improve your play. These are some of the most popular and innovative mallet putters.

TaylorMade Golf Spider GT Red Short Slant Putter Image

TaylorMade Spider GT

In terms of performance and modern design, Spider GT sets a new bar. The new wing design includes strong perimeter weighting and sharp angular elements for the best roll and forgiveness. This means that no matter how you look at it, it is stable. The ultra-lightweight top plate, which compliments the perimeter-weighted structure, is the most distinctive feature of Spider GT. Unlike paint or PVD finishes, it is made of anodized aluminum for both a more upscale appearance and enhanced durability.

Titleist Golf Scotty Cameron Phantom X 11 Putter Image

Scotty Cameron Phantom X Putters

The all-new Phantom X line presents a range of the most sought-after head shapes and neck/shaft configurations for golfers looking for today's most advanced mallet designs. This line was developed with input from the best players in our game and has been hoisted to multiple victories on the worldwide professional golf tours. Stepless steel shafts with several configurations—straight, low-bend, and mid-bend—are used in Phantom X mallet putters to generate various degrees of toe flow. And there are more possibilities than ever before to choose a Phantom X mallet that matches your swing thanks to brand-new versions like the 7.5 and 9.5 that have the Tour-proven short slant jet neck.

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400 Center Shafted Putter Image

Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400 Center Shafted Putter

The unique Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR400 Center Shafted mallet putter combines breathtaking design, technology, and performance. Easy to align and control, this well-balanced putter delivers a straight, reliable putt right to the hole. The SR400 has a distinctive red and white color design and the distinctive counterbalanced back of the clubhead. Designed with a center shaft and mid-size grip, it is an outstanding all-around putter. Sure to help you make a clean straight shot, this club will keep you under par. This putter also comes with a branded cover to protect it when not in use.

Bettinardi Golf Inovai 8.0 Slant Putter Image

Bettinardi Golf Inovai 8.0 Slant Putter

The Bettinardi Golf Inovai 8.0 Slant Putter sits at the intersection of craftsmanship and cutting-edge innovation. Designed to be sleeker and lighter than other mallet series putters, it is one of the highest quality putters available. Constructed to be durable and lightweight, it combines two metals in a masterful ensemble. The front piece is made from diamond-blasted 303 steel and is joined to military-grade aluminum backing. One of the most exciting and unique innovations is the new milling with the roll control feature. This milling has one of the most dynamic nonsymmetrical designs. This feature helps to accelerate the ball after impact and put it into a proper roll much quicker than a traditional putter. It also increases spin. This helps to keep the ball on a set trajectory taking your shot on a clean direct path. The slant putter also has a quarter toe hang. This makes it a good match for golfers with a slight arc in their stroke.

Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball Image

Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball

Imagine if your putter did more than balance out imperfections in your stroke. Most golfers face inconsistencies and deficiencies in their swing. High-tech putters help to mask that. The Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball goes a step further. It helps to redefine how you hit the ball. Odyssey significantly redistributes the weight to help you swing more effectively. Odyssey reduces the weight in the shaft and then redistributes it to other parts of the club. This rebalancing can have a powerful impact. It can improve how you swing the club, increase backswing length, and improve the angle at which the clubface impacts the ball. The clubface insert adds an additional dimension, helping you strike the ball with more spin.

Customer Reviews

By Eric
January 10th, 2023
Rolls-Royce of Putters
Titleist Golf Scotty Cameron Phantom X 5.5 Putter and unique grip gives you excellent control and feel when you make contact. Many putter faces and bulky grips do not. The control and feel makes putting more enjoyable.
By Bip
December 31st, 2022
Best bargain putter of my life
This Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR500 Center Shafted Putter is the most bang for the buck I've ever had in a new putter. The paint job is the only thing lacking in quality but who cares about that when it swings true and consistently holes the ball. Easily the best putter I've ever had under $50.
By Charlie
Richmond, Va
December 30th, 2022
Works great for me and my wife!!!
I’ve owned over 20 putters since high school. I’ve always struggled on putts inside 4 feet due to the mental stress I’d put on myself. The reason for all the putters is I felt like if I could get one I got that confidence with, on those short putts going in my score would go down around 8 strokes. Literally tried multiple Pings, a couple Taylormades, at least 5 Odyssey’s and even finally spent that big $$$ on a Scotty Cameron. I bought this Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball S for my wife to update her 6 year old Odyssey and man did she putt better. I began playing around with it and it’s got a nice square front with great alignment stripes along with the ball in the back. This combination really suited my eye to the point of ordering one myself.
By Jim
December 12th, 2022
Not a Mallet/Not a Blade a little of both
Really like the feel of this putter. Have been using a mallet putter but had been thinking about going back to a blade. Well with this putter you get the best of both worlds. The face is super and the balance is great.
By Jason S.
Rochester NY
December 10th, 2022
Great putter and great price
Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray SR600 Limited Edition Red Putter - Great putter and great price
By VaGolf
December 8th, 2022
Great Putter
I have the Cleveland Golf LH Huntington Beach Soft Premier #11 model and it’s awesome. The price is incredible and the performance is as good as it gets. I need to work on long lag putts because the putter is a little heavier than my old one. The feel of the ball coming off the putter is firm but pleasant. A miss hit can be felt but the ball does seem to travel with out a big loss in distance.