Ray Cook Golf
Ray Cook Golf- Extreme Aim Chipper

Ray Cook Golf- Extreme Aim Chipper

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Extreme Aim Chipper

For golfers that need just a little bit more help attacking the pin from off the green, the Extreme Aim chipper might be the answer to all your problems!

This stainless-steel chipper is designed to act like a putter from the edge of the green. Simply use your putting stroke and let the 37* loft chipper get your ball on the green rolling like a putt – and yes, you’ll look like a professional with your results! The Extreme Aim also comes with a sight alignment aid to ensure you’re always lined up perfectly.

When you add an Extreme Aim Chipper to your bag, you can quit worrying about chipping and make the dreaded stubbed and bladed shots a thing of the past! Just watch your short game improve!


  • Modern Design Stainless Steel Head
  • Clean, Visual Looking Sight Alignment Aid for Confident Set-Up
  • Versatile Use Around The Green
  • 35” Length Lightweight Steel Shaft That Reduces Twisting on Impact
  • Quality Soft Feeling Rubber Grip


Length (") Loft (*) Lie (*)
35 37 70
Ray Cook Golf
Open Box:
Length & Lie:
See DropDown"/Standard
Not Available
Mens Right Handed
Ray Cook Stock Rubber
Shaft Material:
Shaft Name:
Ray Cook Stock Steel
Extreme Aim
New, Factory Sealed
(1) Extreme Aim Chipper
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Product Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 108 reviews
By Robert
Lynnwood, Washington
Good Club for the Price
July 21, 2021
Works well from rough and around the green.
By Lou
Love this club
September 17, 2020
Great club when your on the fringe, my wedge game is not great at short distance and using a putter can be difficult to judge speed. This club gives enough loft to get past the fringe and then rolls like a putter. Saves a couple of strokes each round for me.
By Tony
Clemson, SC
Great price
August 20, 2020
Great price for Ray Cook Chipper! Verdict is still out for debt not enough use for a Unanimous decision.
By Chris
New Orleans
garbage - either receive defective club or club is poorly designed
August 19, 2020
Received this club last week. Full putting stroke and it doesn't go more than 5-10 yards. I've tried to return it and was told that this is just how this club is. I've bought a few chippers and never have I purchased one with such a dead face. It simply isn't possible to hit the ball across most greens or even halfway across the green without taking a very big swing. Save your money and don't buy this club. Rock Bottom Golf should do everyone a favor and remove this club for purchase on their website.
By Mark
Great addition
May 23, 2020
Handy short club
By Chad
Lafayette, LA
Nice Chipper
May 6, 2020
Nice chipper. A little heavy but is what I needed.
ProsGood to use just off the greens
By Sean
As advertised
April 30, 2020
Big heavy head
By Davey
Miami, Florida
September 13, 2019
Received this fine "Extreme Aim" Chipper two weeks ago. Originally, I only hoped to improve my chipping. Not only have I been able "to get up and down in two" far more times than chipping with my five, six, and seven irons, but "THE RAY COOK" (as I now call it whenever I pull it out of the bag) has proven to be exceptionally versatile. For example, I have used "THE RAY COOK" to hit out of pine straw or red mulch when my ball has found its way below a tree's low hanging branches. The ball comes out low and "goes a long way" to help put me back in play. As well, "THE RAY COOK" is ideal for hitting 15 to 25 yard pitch and run shots off tight fairway lies.
ProsSimilar to stroke used to putt. Sight lines on the club face and the hearty flange aid in consistently solid strike.
By Randy
Off the green chipper
August 24, 2019
Very nice club the head is real heavy so it goes through the taller grass really good. You can hit high to land soft on the green or play it back of stance and play a pitch and run . I enjoyed play with it.
By Bobby C.
Coral Springs, Fl.
Chipper Ready
June 20, 2019
Bought Ray Cook putter and chipper, both great value and excellent clubs.
ProsAll good!