Tour Edge Golf Hot Launch E521 Offset Fairway Wood

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Tour Edge Golf
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Mens Right Handed
Lamkin Z5 Rubber
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Mitsubishi Fubuki HD
Hot Launch E521 Offset
New, Factory Sealed
(1) Hot Launch E521 Offset Fairway Wood
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The Extreme Game Improvement Hot Launch E521 Fairway Metal offers the game-changing Houdini Sole in conjunction with a super-shallow face, slice-fighting offset designs, and heel weighting for added draw bias.

The 17-4 stainless-steel Hot Launch E521 Fairway Metal features a thinner and lighter forged steel crown that increases ball speed for the increased power creation and the ultimate in ease of use.



Reduces turf interaction by 35% and dramatically moves weight low and deep for the easiest fairway metal you have ever hit.


Squares the club at impact for a draw bias that keeps shots from slicing.


Works in conjunction with heel weight to close the face at impact for straighter, more accurate tee shots.


Launches the ball with ease to create higher-flying, longer drives. The face height is 11% lower than the C521 Driver.


Shorter shaft gives players better control, accuracy and center strikes. The driver shaft length of 44.5” is a half inch to one inch shorter compared to the standard in the industry.


Model Loft (*) Face Angle Head Size (cc) Lie Angle (*) Length (")
#3 16 1* Closed 145 57 42.5
#5 20 1* Closed 145 59 41.5
#7 23 1* Closed 145 60 41
#9 25 1* Closed 140 60 41
#11 27 1* Closed 140 60 41

Shaft Specifications

The E521 Fairway comes stock with the same super-light FUBUKI metalwood shafts by Mitsubishi Chemical that range from 45-grams to 55-grams depending on the flex.

The extremely light FUBUKI metalwood shafts with lower kick points and lower cycles per minute frequencies that promise to help players achieve maximum velocity and to fight the fade to produce a longer, straighter and a slightly drawn ball flight.

Model Flex Weight (g) Launch Torque (*)
Mitsubishi Fubuki HD 50 A 50 High 5.0
Mitsubishi Fubuki HD 50 R 50 High 4.5
Mitsubishi Fubuki HD 55 S 50 High 4.0

Product Reviews

By Tom
Syracuse, NY
Great Fairway Club
August 18, 2022
Absolutely love this 3-wood. Have used it 5 times in the last 2 rounds, and every hit was straight and longer than my previous 3-wood. As a senior golfer with a slower swing speed, this club really comes through with the distance I�€™m looking for. Will definitely be getting the 5 and 7 woods soon.
Great feel, straight shots, and long distance.
By George
Southern California desert community
Good Draw Bias
July 14, 2022
Easy to hit and has excellent dispursement
Very light shaft
By Kevin
Central Mass
Looking forward !
February 8, 2022
Snow still on ground here in central Mass. Have to wait a while to test this baby out !
By Phil
Bay of Plenty New Zealand
Good #5 Fairway club
December 14, 2021
It's taking me time to get used to the offset and distance but I'm sure it will all come right with practice. Certainly it's a lot better and more reliable to go straight than my previous club. It has a nice high launch straight loft.
Very light. I like the light weight shaft and markings on the grip and club head to assist me to hold and point the club the same each time. I'm hitting a few shots left due to not getting the offset alignment right. It would be ideal to try the non-offset club first to see which suits best.
By Ed
Sharpsburg ga
Nice looking club
November 23, 2021
Nice looking club and still getting use to offset and shallow face on club. When hit correctly club works great.
By Brian
Elizabethtown, PA
Great Fairway Wood
May 23, 2021
I had been having trouble getting my old 3 wood airborne. The description for this 3 wood seemed to be what I needed, and it has delivered. I am extremely delighted with this purchase and would not hesitate to purchase other Tour Edge products in the future. Ball flight is high and straight for me, even on mishits. This 3 wood will be in my bag for a long time.
High ball flight Straight ball flight As advertised Great price compared top others None
By julian
mineral ridge, Ohio
Tour Edge-HL-E521 Offset Fairway #7
February 22, 2021
Great looking new model Fairway
Feels good, looks good swings easy at (Heated Range) good contact, very nice ball flight None
By Walking D.
It’s Great Right Out of the Box
December 18, 2020
It took a while to get this club shipped. Not sure why, but it is 2020. Tour Edge may be having issues with availability. I have been using Tour Edge because they seem to be the only manufacturer making offset clubs. This newest model of the Hot Launch line does not look as offset as the previous models. It has a weight near the hosel that also contributes the the draw bias. In spite of having a less noticeable offset, it does go straighter. The club is easier to hit than previous models�€”particularly from the turf. The little V shaped face seems to dig the ball out better. I normally have to purchase and install after market shafts, but this club comes with a high launch shaft right out of the box. The model I got was a #5 wood with regular flex. I�€™m now waiting for a #3 wood to become available.
Easy to hit No after market shaft to buy if you need high launch Availability may be an issue in December 2020