Pre-Owned Taylormade Golf Stealth Hd Iron (7 Iron Set)

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TaylorMade Golf
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Stealth HD
(7 Irons)
2 Day
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Stealth HD Irons

Designed For Success

  • Engineered to deliver high launching distance with draw bias, the Stealth HD iron has been designed for the golfer looking to hit more successful shots more often
  • Performance Driven Shaping

  • The low profile head has a shallow face height and a wide sole with a large step down to keep CG low for easier launch. Increased sole curvature assists with turf interaction
  • Cap Back Design

  • The multi-material Cap Back™ Design utilizes high-strength stainless steel and ultralight weight polymers. Designed to maximize distance, forgiveness and feel with an extremely low CG
  • Echo Damping System

  • Positioned inside the iron head, the ECHO® Damping System uses a soft polymer blend and multiple contact points across the face to channel away harsh vibrations creating a forged-like feel
  • Thru-Slot Speed Pocket

  • Patented TaylorMade® technology engineered to maximize face flexibility for increased ball speed and forgiveness for mis-hits low on the face

  • Iron Specs

    Club Loft (*) Lie (*) Offset Bounce (*) Length (") Men's SW Women's SW
    5 23.5 62.5 5.5 11 38.5 D1 C2
    6 26.5 63 4.7 11 37.88 D1 C2
    7 30 63.5 4.2 11 37.25 D1 C2
    8 34 64 3.8 12 36.75 D1 C2
    9 38.5 64.5 3.4 13 36.25 D1 C2
    PW 44.5 65 3.0 15 35.75 D1 C2
    AW 49 65 2.5 15 35.50 D1 C2
    SW 54 65 2.0 16 35.25 D2 C3
    LW 59 65 1.7 16 35.00 D3 C3

    Pre-Owned Club Conditions

    Condition: Like New

    Shows virtually no traces of wear, may have been hit one or more times in controlled conditions. May show signs of very minor "shop wear" (i.e. a single cosmetic blemish), but still full of NEWNESS!
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    Condition: Excellent

    Clubs have seen minimal usage and are in top of the line preowned condition. You may see some minor or faint cosmetic blemishes (i.e. very light scuffing and/or scratching). Typical wear that you will see on an Excellent condition club is normal ball marks that are lightly visible on the face, minimal scratching to the crown, sole and edges. Shaft has no noticeable wear.
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    Condition: Very Good

    Clubs have seen normal usage for an extended period of time or at least one season, the wear you’ll notice will be typical of the age of the model. All of the wear is purely cosmetic, and will not in any way affect the performance of the club. Typical wear you’ll see on a Very Good condition club is normal ball marks and scratching on the face, normal scratching on the sole, faint dings and nicks on the crown and/or around the edges of the head, light scratches, paint chips, paint blemishes on or around the crown. Shaft has minimal wear.
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    Condition: Value

    Clubs offer a great value for someone who isn't as interested in cosmetics, but cares about performance. Shows frequent to heavy use, but does not show any signs of abuse. All clubs in Value Condition are in 100% playable condition, which is the perfect option for the player looking for more bang for the buck. Typical wear you’ll see on a Value condition club is moderate to heavy ball marks and scratching on the face, moderate to heavy scratching on the sole, moderate to heavy dings and nicks on the crown and/or around the edges of the head, moderate to heavy scratches, and paint chips/ blemishes on or around the crown. Shaft will have noticeable wear.
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