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Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball

Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball

Their Price: $249.99 Rock Bottom Price: $179.96
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Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball S
Odyssey Golf Stroke Lab Putter R-Ball S
Rock Bottom Price: $179.96
Save $70.03
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A Stroke Of Genius

Stroke Lab is about challenging common, well-established putter norms with innovative ideas that promote better performance. The new Stroke Lab line of putters incorporates a unique new method of weight distribution designed to improve the physical dynamics of the stoke.

Most golfers' putting strokes are inconsistent. Yet most putting technologies focus on improving alignment or improving the quality of roll. They attempt to mask a given stroke's weaknesses instead of improving those weaknesses. Odyssey's new Stroke Lab putter line actually helps improve the golfer's stroke, including backswing length, face angle at impact, head speed through impact and temp, all through a profound change in weight distribution made possible by an innovative new shaft. This is a completely new approach to putter weighting, and only Odyssey has it.

Multi-Material Stroke Lab Shaft For Innovative Weight Distribution

Tip-heavy graphite and steel shaft saves 40 grams that's relocated into each end of the putter to change performance dynamics

Smoother And More Accurate Stroke

Additional weight in the head and butt-end of the shaft change the putter's dynamics to help golfers consistently repeat a smoother and more accurate stroke.

Increased Control

The Stroke Lab shaft is slightly stiffer and lower torque compared to standard putter shafts for better control of the putter head

Great Feel And Smooth Roll

Combines legendary White Hot feel with White Hot Micro hinge Insert embedded across the face that promotes topspin for smooth roll and acute distance control


Club Length (") Loft (*) Lie (*) Offset Head Weight (g) Toe Hang (*)
R-Ball 33 3 70 Full Shaft 365 Face Balanced
R-Ball 34 3 70 Full Shaft 365 Face Balanced
R-Ball 35 3 70 Full Shaft 365 Face Balanced
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Product Reviews
By Mark
Great deal on a great putter
April 11, 2022
Well balanced putter has a soft face and is easy to line up. The jumbo putter grip really helps with the control. I�€™m stepping up from a Wilson Pro and this putter has been a great purchase so far!
By Lewdog
Brandon, ms
fast greens
March 27, 2022
This putter has a good roll and a nice smooth feel, but I have found this putter to not be the best on slower or winter greens. Just can't get the ball to the hole. I am sure I will be using this at sometime this summer when the greens get really slick and hard.
  • alignment, smooth stroke
  • slow, needs more weight
By Rob
nice putter
January 14, 2022
It has good balance and a good feel. I'm pleased with this club.
By Jun
Easy roll
December 22, 2021
very easy putter
By Noel
Greenville, SC
Love it!
December 16, 2021
Admittedly, only one round played with it, but it is such a great experience. I like the visual at approach and the sound reminds me of an old school ping. Well worth it and I�€™m glad I bought it. Fast delivery as always.
  • Look and sound
  • None yet
By Golf L.
Seattle, Washington
August 20, 2021
I love this putter. It has a really nice grip and makes it easy to gage your aim. I made a 15 foot putt for birdie the first day I used it. Love the weight too. The price was the best part too cause I looked it up at other golf web sites and Rock Bottom�€™s price out priced them all by $50 dollars.
By Anonymous
Indianapolis, Indiana
Fantastic putter
June 16, 2021
I am upgrading from a Nike ignite (from the early 2000s) putter and the difference between that and this is incredible. I saw some reviews complaining about the noise when you make contact with the ball. It doesn�€™t bother me whatsoever. I like the enlarged grip and my average putts per hole has gone down since purchasing this putter from 2nd swing.
By DK W.
Madison, WI
Really nice feel
June 15, 2021
Needed a new putter to replace an older TaylorMade. Heard a lot about the Stroke Lab putters so decided to try it (great price helped). Used it the day it arrived and am blown away. Love the weight and feel of the putter. Ball rolls off the head beautifully. I think I gained at least two strokes in my first round using it. I would highly recommend.
By Anonymous
St. Paul, Minnesota
Putters nice
June 1, 2021
Ordered the putter with the oversized grip the regular sized grip arrived. Didn�€™t want to wait for it to get returned and have it reshipped after previous orders got canceled or delayed a couple months. Just got a partial refund instead. Putts nice might get it re gripped at later time. Wish I didn�€™t spend the extra money on two day shipping. Sweet putter though
  • Rolls nice.
  • Soft face
  • Easy to control distance
By Will
Great putter, great price and quick shipping!
March 27, 2021
I finally upgraded after 20 years of blade style putters...I really like it so far! The �€œone ball�€ seems slightly less bulky than the 2 ball mallet, which I like. The size is what really kept me away from most of these mallets in the past. I like the sound and feel of this one and I can accelerate through the ball. Alignment is easy and gives me confidence that I am aimed down my target line. Fast shipping from Rockbottom as well...less than 48 hours to get it to me!
  • Alignment, feel, sound
  • None so far! It?s bigger than my blade, but not as bulky as many other mallet style.