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Tru-Roll Golf TR Putter

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With traditional flat-faced putters, proper hand position is critical to hitting good putts as it affects the loft on your putter. If your hands are too far forward, or too far back, you will struggle making solid contact, getting the ball on your intended line and controlling the distance. With a Tru-Roll Putter, your hand position does not affect the loft. This increases the error-margin, directly resulting in more putts made, less three-putts and therefore lower scores.

At impact, the traditional flat-faced putter causes the ball to hop off the face and get airborne with back spin. The ball then must overcome this back spin when it makes contact with the green before it can roll towards the hole. This change in motion, or skidding, makes it significantly more difficult to both consistently get the ball rolling on your intended line and to have consistent distance control. The round face of the Tru-Roll Putter reacts differently at impact. With the round surface making contact with the ball, the ball rolls true, without back spin or skidding. This means more putts are on line and proper distance control is significantly easier to achieve.

Traditional flat-faced putters also cause a lot of resistance when the putter “scuffs” along the green during the putting motion. This common miss-hit causes the ball to come up several feet short of the hole leading to more missed putts and higher scores. When the same stroke is made with a Tru-Roll Putter, the round face is not nearly as affected by scuffing the green as the flat-faced putter; the putt still rolls out towards the hole, leaving a significantly shorter second putt.
Tru-Roll Golf
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Mens Right Handed
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Tru-Roll Golf Stock Steel
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New, Factory Sealed
34" Putter
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Product Reviews
4.5 Stars based on 13 reviews
By dave
good putter
October 11, 2016
ball rolls very pure off of the face, the version i got is a little too upright bit i am having it adjusted
Prosexcellent roll off of putter very easy to control
Conslittle upright but i am having it adjusted
By Stew
it certainly does roll true
August 1, 2016
great roll off this putter but find it difficult to line up and hold the line. 3 of my buddies tried it out and all had the same comments. Perhaps over time I will get used to it.
Prosgreat roll - no skidding or bouncing
Consdifficult to line up and hold the line
By Paul
Reduce your score
June 25, 2016
Have reduced my handicap from 12 to 9 with the help of the tru roll great putter!!
By John C
McHenry, Md
Round putter for a straight shot!
June 21, 2016
I was skeptical of the claims that the tru-roll cylindrical putters would eliminate skipping and give a smooth feel through the putt, but I have to say it lives up to the claims! It was a little awkward at first to get used to the extra weight coming from my blade, but this thing is ON POINT!
By Shawn
Prior Lake, MN
Great Roll From This Putter
May 24, 2016
Bought the TR-III center shafted model. It took some getting used to right away, but I can definitely feel the difference when the ball leaves the putter. The ball rolls on the intended line much better than my previous putter. The feedback on off center hit is also great.
ProsGreat feel, great roll on the ball
ConsBig adjustment from more traditional putter, center shafted model is very upright
By Ian
New Zealand
Love the feel of this!
April 11, 2016
Great Putter - took a little while to get used to - but very happy with it now.
Prosgreat weight and rolls nicely
ConsPutter grip could be better
By John
Chicago, Illinois, IL
February 23, 2016
Different, very different!
By Tim C
Cleveland, Ohio
Looks different but sinks putts
September 15, 2015
It took 2 rounds to adapt to the look and feel, but I started sinking some long putts that caught my partner's attention.
By Ray
It surprisingly helped my game
September 5, 2015
At 20 handicap, I average 42-45 putts per game. My chip is also bad. Yesterday I played with this putter the first time and I had 33 putts. Including 5 one putt. The Jim fury chipping tip on you tube does also helped a lot getting ball close. It promotes rolling my putt instead of hitting the putt with traditional square face. Distance control is much better now as I am now rolling my putt. Coming from mallet putter, the direction control needs to get some used to.
ProsRolling the ball nicely and good distance control. Build quality is also good too!
By Steve Nixon
St. Peters, MO. 63376
A Tru Roll
August 20, 2015
Great putter! Every aspect of the putter was 1st class . It rolled every putt with no skipping. Distance was right on. If the putt didn't roll in, it was because of operator error not the club.I'm still getting used to it.
ProsTru rolls. Good distance
ConsWasnted a center shafted model but Scratch was out of them.
By Mike
First impressions
April 22, 2015
I haven't had a chance to take it on the course yet but I am liking it so far. I got the II-brass version because I've been searching for a putter with no offset that's not center shafted and this model fit the bill. No offset makes lining up sooo much easier for me but I don't care for center shafted putters. While I don't think the putter is substantially heavier than my other putters, it swings heavier...meaning I get a smoother stroke with this putter than I do with my others. If this gives me consistent distance control it will definitely be staying in my bag.
Prosbetter than average forgiveness super easy setup really nice swing weight the head shape somehow encourages a better stroke for me
By sung min kim
November 15, 2014
works as advertised!
By Jeff Price
West Texas
Tru-roll putter
November 4, 2014
Neat product. Hard getting used to using